Free stuff to download! Now I have your attention, on today’s post I share a completed unit of Skeleton Archers from the Tomb Kings of Khemri army core set as well how I painted them and completely for free I share a link that lets you download all the movement trays you need for the Tomb Kings of Khemri Army Core Set.

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These models were sent to me by Games Workshop for free. My thoughts are my own.

If you’re not a fan of the Games Workshop modular movement trays and own a 3D printer, then have I got a cool freebie for you. I took the modular movement trays and measured the angles and chamfers with digital calibers so these 3d printable ones match the official ones. I then 3d printed trays for the units included in the Tomb Kings of Khemri Army Core Set. The movement trays are as follows:

• 25mm square based models in 4 ranks of 5 models (spearmen)
• 25mm square based models in 2 ranks of 8 models (archers)
• 25mm x 50mm based models in 2 ranks of 4 models (heavy cavalry)
• 47mm x 100mm based models in 1 rank of 3 models (chariots)

Click this link to download the 3d printable files for your own movement trays.

Anyway, back to the archer. I assembled the models completely before painting them, but I really wish I had done the quivers separately. The reason I didn’t was I would have had to leave off an army and a skull to be able to fit the quiver’s strap over the torso. It wasn’t until I was painting them I thought I could have cut the strap where it meets the bottom of the quiver and then I could have painted them separately and then pulled the gap where I cut apart and slide it over the models skull and shoulder easily and then a dab of glue to fix the strap back on to the quiver. I’ll be doing this on the next unit of archers for sure because painting the quivers on the models was a pain. It was so slow as I was being careful not to get Sotex Green on the bone.

Since painting my first unit of Spearmen I’ve actually updated my paint scheme a little. It’s only three small changes. The first change is I removed the Ahriman blue step. It wasn’t adding anything apart from taking longer to paint. The colour is too similar to Sotek Green. The next two changes relate to the bone, I’ve added a highlight step and it’s just painting over the top of the wash with Screaming Skull. It’s subtle but it does help tidy things up, especially with the skulls. The final change is defining the skulls nose and eye sockets with Snakebite Leather. It’s just a darker brown. I actually painted the bottom of the ribcages with this too.

Thanks for checking out my second post on The Old World, I’m excited to share more over the next few weeks.

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