Review: RDG Tools Airbrush and Compressor

Alamo recently contacted me on Tale of Painters enquiring about airbrushes. I thought I’d write up a review on the kit I use. This kit pictured above can be bought from the link below: The first thing you will notice is the price, it’s…

Dreadfleet: WIP of the Bloody Reaver

A little WIP shot of the Bloody Reaver I’m working on. I can’t say I’m enjoying it much. It’s quite challenging model to paint with so many pieces. But I’m slowly getting there.


Thunderhawk: Front wings and aerilons

Having added the the rear tail fin in the last blog entry, I continued down the aerilon route and added the front wings, their aerilons and the main wing aerilons. First things first, a nice cup of tea in my favourite mug! Secondly the clean…


Thunderhawk: Tail fin

Well today’s entry is all about the rear stabilising tail fin and ailerons. I’ve cleaned the pieces up as shown in the pic above. In these pictures you can see a groove in the engine, it’s important this is facing upwards otherwise the tail fin…


Thunderhawk: Landing Gear Part 2

Brother Sergeant Chronus is mightily impressed with the landing gear. Can you believe that with all the straightening, filing, sanding of all the parts, the actual landing gear needed no work! It was a perfect level fit. Close up shot of the front and rear…