Sanguinary Guard done!

Done, at last. The wings took really long to paint, a lot of feathers to highlight. I’m really fond of the colour choice on the Glaive Encarmaine. Expect the tutorial and a high quality showcase sometimes next week 🙂 I also stripped some Eldar Guardians…

40k, Showcase

Eldar: Harlequins Showcase

High quality pictures of the first batch of my Harlequins. I’ve still got five left, including a Death Jester and a Shadowseer, but as they take quite long to paint, I decided to save them up for a later time. The paint scheme is totally…

Sanguinary Guard and another Skaven test model

I’m getting there with the Sanguinary Guard. Just some highlights and details here and there and of course, the wings. I’ve also painted another Skaven test model, this time a Slave. Took me 70 minutes to paint, so I still need to figure out how…

Painting Sanguinan Guard

I’m painting two Sanguinan Guard at the moment. Awesome models with jawdropping details for plastic. As my Blood Angels tutorial proved to be very popular, I’m going to do a tutorial for them as well.


Venerable Dreadnought Assembling

Even more assembling, I couldn’t resist to build the plastic Venerable Dreadnought I bought some time ago. As you can see, he will be from the shooty kind with a Missile Launcher from the regular Cybot kit. I didn’t like both of the leg armour…


Harlequins finished and Sanguinan Guard

I finally finished my first Harlequin squad of five, they just need to be hit with some matte varnish. The next days I’m going to build some new stuff to paint. I started with two Sanguinan Guards, which were kindly provided byBrückenkopf chief editor SiamTiger….


Harlequins almost finished

More work on the Harlequins and I’m getting there. Left to do are the black areas, a little bit of detail work here and there and of course fixing mistakes. I hope to finish them tomorrow. I’m really happy to start something new soon 😉

40k, Showcase

Full army shot of my Ultramarines

I thought it would be great to take a picture of all the Ultramarine models I painted so far. The illumination is not perfect, a little bit too bright, but you can get the impression. For detailed shots of each squad or tank click on…


Check out my new Avatar!

I always thought it would be great to have an avatar which is personal yet characterful. So I just did a little illustration of what is basically me in a Guardian Defender suit. I’m by no means a great artist, but I think it serves…