New IG tutorial published

I wrote a tutorial about how to quickly paint an Imperial Guard Soldier of Cadia with basic techniques like drybrushing, washing and layering over at Brückenkopf. The paint scheme is inspired by my Vostroyans. As always the tutorial is written in German, but for my…


Show your support!

I’m running this blog now for several weeks and I hope you all are enjoying the read and the pretty pictures. It would be great if you would follow my blog with Google Friend Connect by clicking on the button in the right column if…


Incoming: New Fire Prism

Finally pictures of the new Eldar Fire Prism/Night Spinner combi kit leaked. You can watch the Night Spinner over at Brückenkopf. Of course I will get one of these beauties for my Saim Hann Warhost. I really like the fact that they completely redesigned the…

40k, Tutorials

Tutorial: Vostroyans

This is a comprehensive tutorial of how I painted my squad of Vostroyans including all colours I used. Thought it might be useful for those who like my paint scheme. 1. Prime the mini black. Paint the texture of the sand Charadon Granite, drybrush with…


On the Station April 23

The first bunch of Banshees is finally done (except of varnish). I also started work on the Exarch and the final Banshee. Note the Space Marine helmet on the Exarch’s base – I used the same technique as on the Dire Avengers’ armour. I think…


“Honoured Imperium” terrain quality issues

Fellow Brückenkopf author Siamtiger had a look at the “Honoured Imperium” terrain set from GW and came to the conclusion, that similiar to the Planetstrike crater for Warhammer 40.000 set the contents shown in White Dwarf and on the box art is not what you…


On the Station April 21

Further progress on the Banshees. Black areas and swords are done. Left to do are the purple bracelets, the details on the sword, base and a lot of mistakes that need to be corrected. And I mean a lot. A little hint: Don’t use Citadel…


Talking about Matt Varnish

For today I wrote an article about spray on matt varnish over at Brückenkopf: Link. It is written in German and specifically looks into products on the German market. So it might not be suitable for my foreign readers, but nevertheless!


On the Station April 18

Current status on the Banshees. Bone, reds, leather, golds and gems are done, I’m working on the black areas. Hopefully the three will be finish mid next week.