The Army Painter Colour Primers

As you’ve probably noticed from my tutorial, I extensively use Army Painter Colour Primers. They are a huge time saver. Today I published an in-depth review of them on Brückenkopf in case you haven’t already checked out. It’s in German, but maybe my english-speaking visitors...

Eldar Guardian Batch finished

I’m back at home and finished the three Guardians I took to my parents. After this little Eldar intermezzo I’m going to continue work on the Venerable Dreadnought. After the Dreadnought there will be seven more Guardians, a weapon platform and a Warlock of course.

Eldar Guardians almost finished

I’ve worked on them like mad in the last few days, and they are almost done except for some mistakes that need to be corrected and the rim of the base. I’m still at my parents’ house, so sorry for the bad picture quality. You...
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Tutorial: How to paint Sanguinary Guard

Cheers, as promised the tutorial about how I painted my Sanguinary Guard. As in my popular Blood Angel tutorial, I paint the armour in a easy techniques like drybrushing and washing and finish off the model by crisp detail work. 1. Prime the model with...

Some Eldar Guardians

Sorry for the lack of updates, but I’m staying at my parents this week. However I took paints, brushes and some Guardians with me 🙂 So far I painted the bases and shaded the armour on this batch.
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Showcase: Sanguinary Guard

Painted these two Sanguinary Guard for fun. A tutorial will follow later this week! I think the Glaive Encarmaine turned out quite cool and the deep purplish red makes the models more round thant the turquoise blades of the ‘Eavy Metal version.
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100th Post! And a Venerable Dreadnought…

Cheers, this is my 100th post in this blog! Thanks to my 75 followers – if you like my blog and have a Blogspot-Blog as well or Google Connect why not become a follower yourself? It’s a great motivation to know there are people out...

Sanguinary Guard done!

Done, at last. The wings took really long to paint, a lot of feathers to highlight. I’m really fond of the colour choice on the Glaive Encarmaine. Expect the tutorial and a high quality showcase sometimes next week 🙂 I also stripped some Eldar Guardians...
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Eldar: Harlequins Showcase

High quality pictures of the first batch of my Harlequins. I’ve still got five left, including a Death Jester and a Shadowseer, but as they take quite long to paint, I decided to save them up for a later time. The paint scheme is totally...