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The Skaven Challenge Part 2: The Vision

So how will my Skaven army shape up? As always with the armies I collect I focus on the models and themes I like and try to make a well rounded list of it. For Skaven, this means I’m going to avoid all models that…


The Skaven Challenge Part 1: Painting

I’ve already dropped a few hints here and there about my big new project once the majority of my Eldar army is finished. Beware man-things, it’s Skaven! I’ve always loved Skaven fluff but I never liked the asthetics of their model range. This was until…


Two more Harlequins finished

I finally finished these two Harlequins (except for varnishing). Next up are a Great Harlequin and regular one, making a total of five Harlequins. Once these are finished, I will save my other five Harlequins for a later point and paint something else. I’m not…


Tutorial: How to paint Skeleton Warriors

Cheers, another easy step by step tutorial, this time a Skeleton Warrior from the Vampire Counts range. Finishing the model took only about 70 minutes, which allows you to field decent painted regiments in a reasonable amount of time. 1. Prime the model with Skeleton…


More Harlequin Painting

Some more painting on the Harlequins. Great models, really fun to paint because of the variety of the sculpts.

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Showcase: Skull Pass Night Goblin

These are some high quality pictures of a little model I painted for fellow Brückenkopf author Darkover. He just got married and as a kind of wedding present he asked all of his wargamer friends to contribute a painted Night Goblin. I don’t know why…


Harlequin Test Model Finished

I finished the test model and I am quite pleased with the overall look. The increased amount of turquoise makes them look exotic even amongst the other Eldar. I also started with the next two Harlequins (armed with Fusion Pistols) and did the red clothing.


Skeleton Warrior tutorial at Brückenkopf

Just a quick notice that I published a tutorial for the Vampire Counts Skeleton Warrior I showed on my paint station some days ago. It’s over at Brückenkopf but it’s in German. But no worry, I’m going to provide an English translation in this blog…


Next up: Harlequins

So after finishing my Scout squad some Eldar love again. I own 10 Harlequins (the box, a Death Jester and Shadowseer and a blister of Harlequins with Kisses) and decided to paint them in two steps. I built the first five and had some problems…