Progress of the Wave Serpent

The hull is done, as well as the underbody. The underbody is my favourite piece of Eldar tanks to paint, because it’s just primed black and then drybrushed. Highlighting the underneath structure by hand would drive me insane. I also started work on the field...
40k, Editorial

Courage and Honour

So with all the Eldar goodness coming along, what does the future hold for my Ultramarines? I will paint the already shown Scout Squad after I finish the Wave Serpent, along with classic Marneus Calgar. Power armoured Marneus was one of the first UM models...

Wave Serpent Hull almost done

Painted the spirit stone and highlighted the black areas today. All that is left to do for the hull is the second stage of highlighting on the red areas and some minor corrections.

Wave Serpent WIP

Further progress on the Wave Serpent hull. The first layer of highlighting on the red is done, I painted the canopy and started to highlight the black. I will do the second highlight for the red parts at the end, as it will allow me...
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Banshees Showcase

High quality pictures of my finished Banshee squad. I think they turned out ok on an army level. However I am not fully satisfied with them. This is because the body would have really benefitted from a two step highlighting instead of a single white...

Fire Prism/Nightspinner Sprue Pics

Looks nice, note the details on the back door. Unfortunately again no Holofield parts, and it will be difficult to upgrade old tanks with the Vectored/Star Engine parts. Now I’m really looking forward for the other Eldar Spearhead release! Source

Wave Serpent: Painting started

Started work on the top hull part of the Wave Serpent. Highlights are applied by hand, so the model will take some time to finish. Unlike my Falcon, I used proper masking tape from Tamiya this time. Nevertheless, applying the pattern to the cockpit area...

Reaper Master Series Review

German boardgame and RPG publisher Pegasus Spiele distributes rebranded Reaper Master Series Colours in Germany. As I already blogged, I got some samples from them and reviewed them for Brückenkopf. Along with some paint swatches, you can read the review in German here. I will...

Ultramarine Scout Squad with alternate heads built

Building my shotgun armed Scout squad is finished. They just need some basing. I think they turned out great and the models look so much better with the alternate heads. I used regular Marine heads and carefully shaved off the neck, service studs and cables....

Wave Serpent built, Scouts with alternate Heads

Today I built a wave serpent. I chose to use TL Brightlances. Must say, it’s a cool looking model and even though the turret is a bit angular, I like it. The pokey bits stay seperate for the easy of priming and painting. As I...