Cheers, another tutorial suited for quick and effective army painting that yet creates a stunning appereance on the table. The colour scheme is mainly based on the new studio army, however I chose to use a more brownish, beastly looking palette for the skin.

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1. Prime with Army Painter Leather Brown. Use either Calthan Brown or Bootstrap Leather mixed with a little bit of Bleached Bone or a similar off-white to match the colour of the primers in case you need to touch up spots the primer didn’t reach.

2. Wash all the wood, leather bags and stuff and the fur with Devlan Mud and then Badab Black. Paint the shield Mechrite Red and wash it with Devlan Mud.

3. Drybrush the wood with Khemri Brown. Drybrush the shield with Red Gore and Blood Red. Add sharp highlights of Blood Red if needed.

4. Touch up any skin parts with your base primer colour if needed. Wash the eye sockets with with Devlan Mud and paint the eyes with Blood Red.
Layer P3 Beast Hide on the skin leaving the primer colour in the recesses. Highlight the skin with P3 Hammerfall Khaki and pick out the most prominent muscles and facial features with P3 Jack Bone. Then glaze the skin with a 1:1 mix of Ogryn Flesh and water to add some warmth to the skin tone.
Pain the loincloth with Hammerfall Khaki.

5. Layer Dheneb Stone on the clothing and highlight with P3 Menoth White Highlight.
Paint the metal parts with Boltgun Metal, generously wash with Badab Black and add some scratchy highlights with Mithril Silver.
Paint horns and hooves with Charadont Granite, highlight with P3 Bastion Grey and Trollblood Highlight.
Paint the brass decorations with VGC Brassy Brass and highlight with P3 Radiant Platinum.
Paint the weapon grip with Mechrite Red, wash with Devlan Mud and highlight with Blood Red.
Highlight the ribbons, straps and bags with the base primer colour and Tausept Ochre.

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial, you can easily apply this method for other beasty miniatures (e.g. Rat Ogres…).

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