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Showcase: Space Marine Terminator Chaplain (inc. painting guide)

The Space Marine Chaplain in Terminator armour seems to be stirring up a lot of discourse on the internet. Some people are saying it’s not very detailed, some are saying it’s a perfect blank canvas and then there are the people who thinks he has teddy bear ears… Well. in this post I’m going to share my thoughts on this sculpt and include all my paint recipes in a handy painting guide.

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Review: Primaris Space Marines Company Heroes & Sternguard Veteran Squad

Primaris Space Marines Company Heroes and Sternguard Veteran Squad review and unboxing

After the monopose Sternguard Veterans from the Leviathan launch box, we now get a multipart version of the Sternguard Veteran Squad. Additionally, there’s another reissue of a popular Firstborn Space Marines unit, the Company Heroes box, which includes a Command Squad with a new Captain and Primaris Ancient. In this review, we’ll take a look at what these two new kits have to offer. For the Emperor!

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Tutorial: How to paint Hivefleet Lotan Tyranids

Tutorial: How to paint Hive Fleet Lotan with TTCombat paints

Lotan is one of the new Hive Fleet introduced in the 10th edition of Warhammer 40k. In this tutorial I demonstrate how to paint Lotan’s characterful colour scheme with its crimson skin and reddish shimmering black carapace. For this I use the new paints and washes from TTCombat, but the painting guide can be easily followed with Citadel Colours as well.

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Versus: Terminators or Gravis Armour?

Clad in the heaviest armour, armed with oversized weaponry and striding through all enemy small arms fire like it wasn’t there are the elite fighters of the Space Marine Chapters the Veterans of the 1st Company, the Terminators and Mars’ newest progeny the Primaris wearing Graves armour. But which one is best? We take a look at these units in today’s blog post.

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