Here comes the next model for my Alpha Legion Legionary Kill Team: a Heavy Gunner with a Heavy Bolter. I painted this model some time ago but was never quite satisfied with it. You’ll find out why in this showcase post.

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Alpha Legion Chaos Space Marine Legionary Heavy Gunner with Heavy Bolter painted by Stahly

The Heavy Gunner is the fourth model I’ve painted for my Alpha Legion Kill Team. You can find posts here for the Plasma Gunner, Icon Bearer, and Anointed. The model is based on the monopose Legionary model with autocannon, which first appeared in the Shadowspear box. Unfortunately, I only noticed during painting that the autocannon covers an unsculpted part of the chestplate. I then tried to model the missing part of the cabling with green stuff, but it didn’t turn out particularly well.

Regrettably, I’m quite a perfectionist, and this flaw has killed my motivation to continue painting this Kill Team. Perhaps you have an idea of which bitz could be used to conceal the cable? Somehow, I feel like I might need to disassemble the model again to paint a new upper body.

Alpha Legion painting guide

As you can see, I’ve decided to use the metallic teal-green from the time of the Horus Heresy instead of the modern Alpha Legion colour scheme. You can find a free tutorial for the armour here.

Alpha Legion Masterclass tutorial banner

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What do you think of my Heavy Gunner? Do you even notice the chestplate? Please leave a reaction or a comment, or come over to our hobby Discord server if you have any other ideas.

Cinematic shot of an Alpha Legion Chaos Space Marine Legionary Heavy Gunner with Heavy Bolter painted by Stahly

Until next time, and happy hobbying!