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Finally I finished them! Hooray! It’s been a longer haul than normal, fitting them in around commissions and the other jobs but I’ve gotten them to a playable state at last. Pics and fluff after the ju….*CLICK*

The assault marines use classic metal original RT jump packs from the
80’s, as do the missile launchers in the dev squad. Little touches like
these make me happy.

The FW release of a contemptor was timely as was
the Deimos rhinos so I had to chuck a few in for looks. There was only
one librarian that looked badass enough to lead a legion of psykers, so
Severin Loth becomes the Character of your choice from the book. I like
to think of him as Arhiman ascendant.

The bases are from Voodooworx and
are painted to represent Tiscan streets, as chronologically I like to
think of these guys as on the cusp of being attacked by those dasterdly
wolves which Sigur keeps churning out…

 And of course, in a discipline unique to this legion a classic game of PSYCHIC CHICKEN…

Look out you peple sitting in the front row this is a splash zone…!