Hey guys, lately a lot of people asked me how I paint my Eldar models. This is why I dug out this old tutorial which covers almost all techniques and paints I use for my Saim-Hann warhost. Enjoy!

1. Prime with Army Painter Pure Red. Basecoat the base with Scorched Brown, then drybrush with P3 Beast Hide and Jack Bone.

2. Shade with VGC Dark Fleshtone, highlight with Blazing Orange and VGC Filthy Brown.

3. Basecoat the bone parts with Dheneb Stone, shade with Devlan Mud, highlight with P3 Morrow White. Basecoat gem stones with P3 Coal Black, highlight with VGC Falcon Turquoise, P3 Arcane Blue and VGC Wolf Grey (also used for the reflection). Basecoat pruple Clothing with Warlock Purple, shade with Leviathan Purple, highlight with a mix of Warlock Purple and VGC Squid Pink and pure Squid Pink. Paint golden parts with VGC Polished Gold, wash with Leviathan Purple, layer Polished Gold and highlight with P3 Radiant Platinum. Paint black parts with Chaos Black, highlight with a mix of Black and Codex Grey and pure Codex Grey afterwards.

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4. Prime the helmets with Army Painter Matt White. Shade the white with thinned Dheneb Stone. Paint the eyes with Falcon Turqoise and highlight with Arcan Blue, finish with a small dot Wolf Grey for the reflection. Do the black face plate like the bother black parts. Finish with yellow straw static grass and seal the mini with matt varnish.

Other recipes I used on my Eldar army which are not covered in the tutorial above:

Eldar flesh: Basecoat Tallarn Flesh, layer on Elf Flesh, highlight with VGC Pale Flesh and P3 Menoth White Highlight.
Blonde hair: Basecoat Calthan Brown, layer on streaks of Ianyden Darksun, highlight with Menoth White Base.
Blue Dire Avenger armour: Prime black, basecoat Fenris Grey, wash with slightly thinned Asurmen Blue, highlight with Shadow Grey and VGC Steel Blue.
Silver with reddish tint (e.g. used on power swords): Basecoat Chainmail, wash with Baal Red, blend with thinned Chainmail, highlight with Mithril silver.
Brown leather (and Fire Dragon armour): Basecoat with VGC Dark Fleshtone, wash with Badab Black, highlight with Dark Fleshtone and Vermin Brown.

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