We’re thrilled to have our hands on the incredible Leviathan launch box for the highly anticipated 10th Edition of Warhammer 40,000. In this exclusive unboxing, we’ll give you an exciting glimpse of what’s inside. Prepare to feast your eyes on high-resolution sprue pics featuring the stunning Primaris Space Marines and Tyranids models included in this exceptional set.

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Warhammer 40.000 Leviathan unboxing & review, open box on concrete background
This item was kindly provided by Games Workshop. Thoughts and opinions are our own.

Leviathan, the #New40k launch box for the 10th Edition of Warhammer 40,000, will be available for preorder starting Saturday, June 10, 2023, with official sale commencing two weeks later on June 24.

The box contains 25 Space Marine models, 47 Tyranid models, a brand-new transfer sheet, an exclusive Leviathan book that collects lore, core rules, the Tyrannic War Crusade supplement, and the Chapter Approved Leviathan mission cards.

Leviathan Space Marines unboxing

Just like the Tyranids, all 25 Space Marine models are easy-to-build push-fit models. The Terminator sprues come with an alternate bare head for the Sergeant and a teleport homer. The Infernus Squad, featuring a sprue of five models included twice, allows for building one model as either a Sergeant or grenade-lobbing Marine.

Leviathan Terminator Captain and Winged Tyranid Prime sprues
Leviathan Terminator Captain and Winged Tyranid Prime sprues
Leviathan Terminator Librarian sprue
Leviathan Space Marine Terminators sprues
Leviathan Space Marine Terminators sprues

While there are no alternate weapon options or optional bitz compared to the promotional pictures, the new Terminators are truly breathtaking and impressively large. A detailed scale comparison with previous Terminator models and power-armoured Marines can be found here:

Leviathan Gravis Apothecary, Phobos Lieutenant, and Primaris Sternguard sprue
Leviathan Primaris Infernus Squad sprue (included twice)
Leviathan Ballistus Dreadnought sprue
Leviathan Ballistus Dreadnought sprue

The new transfer sheet is exceptionally cool, showcasing a variety of fresh icon designs. In addition to the well-known Ultramarines, Blood Angels, Dark Angels, and Space Wolves, it also introduces Imperial Fists for the first time.

Leviathan Tyranids unboxing

Similar to the Space Marines, all the Tyranid models are push-fit monopose models. There are no weapon options or alternate bitz, and the Termagants come with Fleshborers only.

Leviathan Tyranids Neurotyrant and Screamer-Killer sprue
Leviathan Tyranids Neurotyrant and Screamer-Killer sprue
Leviathan Tyranids Psychophage sprue
Leviathan Tyranids Psychophage sprue
Leviathan Tyranids Van Ryan's Leapers sprue
Leviathan Tyranids Van Ryan’s Leapers sprue

In my opinion, the new Tyranids are arguably the best Tyranid models ever released. They feature more defined and exaggerated musculature compared to their predecessors, with significantly enhanced texture on their carapaces. Moreover, the new Termagants boast updated proportions and now come on 28mm bases. Personally, they are my favourite models from the entire set.

Leviathan Tyranids Termagants sprue (included twice)
Leviathan Tyranids Barbgaunts and Neurogaunts sprue
Leviathan Tyranids Barbgaunts and Neurogaunts sprue

Leviathan book & core rules first look

The comprehensive book is divided into various sections. It begins with a hobby introduction section that will be familiar to other Games Workshop core books. It also includes an extensive lore and background section that incorporates the latest events from the Arks of Omen series. Each army has its own dedicated showcase section based on their Combat Patrol sets. However, the highlight of the book is undoubtedly the new core rules.

Warhammer 40.000 Leviathan core book cover

At first glance, the 60-page rulebook is the most well-structured rules set I have ever read from Games Workshop. The new rules are clearly explained, featuring numerous diagrams, icons, and concise summaries. The order and structure of the rules are highly coherent and easily accessible. Surprisingly, I found it even more straightforward to follow than the 3rd Edition Age of Sigmar rulebook, despite the absence of numbered rule sections. The only missing component is a cheat sheet, and I can’t help but wonder why Games Workshop doesn’t provide these anymore.

The new 10th Edition Warhammer 40.0000 core rules can be downloaded for free over on Warhammer Community, so see for yourselves.

Warhammer 40.000 Leviathan core book contents page

The book also includes the new Combat Patrol rules, which only occupy a few additional pages. The remaining contents delve into the Tyrannic War Crusade supplement, which will be published as a separate book outside the Leviathan box.

Coming up

Later today, we’ll treat you to a closer look at the new Terminator models, complete with a scale comparison spanning from 2nd Edition to the present day. Additionally, mark your calendars for next Saturday morning when the preorders go live, as we’ll be preparing an in-depth review of the Leviathan box contents. We’ll be covering the launch of the new edition with a couple of tutorials and will strive to paint as many of the new models as possible. Garfy, in particular, is thrilled to showcase his glorious retro-inspired Blood Angels scheme on the Space Marines. Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

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