Cannons go brrr in today’s Horus Heresy flavoured post. Check out the first infantry unit for my Sons of Horus warband, a Tactical Support Squad armed with rotor cannons.

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Front view of a Sons of Horus Tactical Support Squad with Rotor Cannons, painted by Stahly

I’m utterly in love with the new plastic MkVI sculpts. Beakie armour was always my favourite mark of power armour. In my opinion, the updated proportions and all the tiny Heresy era specific details make these models the pinnacle of Firstborn Space Marine designs. Just a bit of a bummer that you only get five different bodies in the set. The heads I used are actually a custom design, printed by a friend of mine.

Back view of a Sons of Horus Tactical Support Squad with Rotor Cannons, painted by Stahly

To get familiar with how my Sons of Horus paint scheme works in batch painting, I decided to work on a small five Legionary Tactical Support Squad first. Their rotor cannons should bring a valuable source of pinning tests, even though I might need to expand the squad to eight or ten models to score a pin more reliably.

Teaser image of Stahly's Patreon exclusive Sons of Horus masterclass tutorial

Painting these was pretty fun. You can find a tutorial for my Sons of Horus here, and on Patreon, there is an expanded version that also covers vehicles, character models, and additional details such as the muzzle burn effect on the cannons.

Cinematic shoot of a Tactical Support Squad of five Sons of  Horus with Rotor Cannons standing on a platform

I hope you enjoyed the latest addition to my Sons of Horus. Make sure to check out my Contemptor Dreadnought and Kratos Heavy Assault Tank if you want to see more of this collection. My next post will be about the Praetor with double-handed axe from the Age of Darkness box set, so stay tuned!

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