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Please don’t mistake this post for a “Oh woe is me, I have too many models to paint”. I know I’m lucky to be able to afford this luxury hobby. I work hard, it’s one of life’s rewards.  This post is more about not having time to paint all the models. Whilst people have concerns about the cost of the models, I find it is ‘time’ that is the valuable commodity. Read on to find out what I need to paint.


A collection of my Hobbit models. I’ve added Trolls, Elves and Hunter Orcs since. 

Anyone who reads this blog (or White Dwarf) will know I love the Hobbit Strategy Battle Game. The miniatures are awesome, the game plays brilliantly and it’s full of heroic unexpected moments. I really want to add more models to my already large collection of models. I have a box of Hunter Orcs on foot to paint, but want to buy more (Mirkwood Spiders!)


 My Necron Megaforce with added Tesseract Vault

Every year without fail, I treat myself to one of Games Workshop’s Christmas megaforces. I still have the Space Marine one from a couple of years ago to paint. I’ve worked my way through the Necron one but now I also have the Eldar Ghost Warriors set from last year to work on. I can’t see when I will be able to start either of these huge box sets.


Completing 2nd edition is making me want to paint 6th edition

Having recently completed the 2nd Edition boxed game, I’m really tempted to paint the contents of the 6th edition boxed game: Dark Vengeance. I’ve already painted the Helbrute, Chaos Lord and Chosen. Finishing the Cultists will be great for my Black Legion project. Painting the Dark Angel force could be a fantastic allied contingent for my Ultramarines or Grey Knights.

So much detail work left to do.

My Imperial Knight has sat on my desk half finished since it was released. I can see myself tying it in with the Dark Angels. Dark Angels + Imperial Knights could be an interesting project to work on.

This classic model still requires some attention.

I still have the 2nd edition Ork Dreadnought to paint as well. That’s not been forgotten. I want to paint that real soon, so I can draw a line under the whole retro 40k project. 


The murderous Black Legion, my 7th edition army project 

With all the above going on, I’m actually concentrating on my Black Legion. I’ve played a couple of games and the army list just isn’t right. It needs lots of tweaking. I can see myself adding a Rhino and Raptors real soon to give me some much needed objective grabbing speed. I need to finish my Heldrake and 15 Cultists as well. I also need to buy some Daemons to summon as well.

I wish I had the speed of ThirdEyeNuke, the creativity of Xoxtile and the accuracy of Stahly. That would be awesome! So, do you have a pile of boxes taller than a Morkanaut? Is your to do list longer than a Haruspex’s tongue? Why not post it in the comments to make me feel better.

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