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Michael Marchant contacted me the other day to share his Hobbit models. I was suitably impressed that I wanted to give him a guest appearance on the blog so everyone else could see them. Over to Michael after the jump.

Roast Mutton

The dawn will take you all

I was first introduced to both Tolkien and the LOTR strategy battle game by my friend Matt at our school club and instantly fell in love with the books and films. Matt taught me how to play originally but once he left for uni I was the only one into the LOTR range so resorted more to the painting side of the hobby.

In a tomb so dark it would never come to light

After the desolation of Smaug I decided based on the film to create a small barrels out of bond scene using as few rescores as possible and then I enjoyed it so much I never stopped taking pictures of most scenes with an aim to make the full storyline of the hobbit film trilogy and then putting them into a powerpoint with a paragraph of text giving you a summary of the scene.

Most of my inspiration I actually got from this website such as the showcases and Garfy’s pictures in various issues of WD and Warhammer: Visions which I still use to this day not to mention the countless times I have used his painting tutorials to paint my collection.

Riddles in the dark

Escape from goblin town

Most of my resources I use are either citadel scenery or just everyday objects at home like for example one of my backdrops is a puzzle board and some of my lighting is just from a torch and even a nerf gun.

I have always loved displays so for me this is great, it’s like a display that can never be knocked down!

There is a house

Garfy's Get a Grip banner 760x100 px

Barrels out of bond

If you’re feeling inspired by Michael’s Hobbit collection, then why not get in contact and send us some of your pictures. Garfy’s Facebook or Tale of Painters’ Facebook page.

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