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In this third and final Terminator showcase post, in honour of the rerelease of Space Hulk, ThirdEyeNuke and Sigur take the centre stage. Check out some chilly Wolf Guard in Terminator armour and Tartaros pattern Minotaurs painted by ThirdEyeNuke, and not only one, but two sets of Space Hulk Blood Angel Terminators from the skilled hands of Sigur, and many more.

ThirdEyeNuke: Hi all, today with the third and final part of Terminators by Tale of Painters I thought I show some models that I have worked on. I’ve not really painted that many Terminators in my painting span. Normally as a commission painter for some reason I usually get asked to paint more the nastier evil side of the Warhammer world. The Terminators that I found in my library of photos are Space Wolves, Dark Angel Deathwings and some Forge World Minotaurs.

All these painted models are quite old now. I painted the Space Wolves Terminators several years ago, back when GW released the Thunderwolf models. The same goes with the Deathwing and Minotaur models, in that I painted them around the time that they were released.

I was planning on picking up the limited Space Hulk set to paint the models. But unfortunately I have been away on holidays traveling and when I returned all the Space Hulk sets had sold out. The models in the game looked very nice, so hopefully if the game ever, fingers crossed gets another release I’d pick it up.

Now, over to Sigur.

Sigur: Despite the fact that Blood Angels were my first 40k army I only collected them briefly and moved on to armies which don’t have to rely on pesky power armour to stand their ground. So I only ever painted one Terminator early on, the Chaplain in Terminator armour. Cool mini but ultimately I sold it to a friend.

It took over 10 years until I next painted any Terminators again which was a commission job for doing the then newly released Space Hulk (2009) boxed set.

Shortly thereafter I was contacted by a fellow countryman to paint some more BA terminators from the same set, plus a few regular assault terminators, for his 40k army (to a lesser standard):

Right after that – another batch of Blood Angels Terminators for Canada! They were part of a great commission job: Blood Angeld Terminators along with scratch-built/converted Hybrids:

Once I was done with this whole slew of Blood Angels I went on to paint some red terminators:

Forge World goodies. The weird thing – and this goes for all Space Marines – is that I never really get sick of painting them. Of course GW throw so many bloody different Space Marines sets out there that there’s enough variety to last you for a lifetime. That might be way too monotonous though.

Garfy's Get a Grip banner 760x100 px

Since then I think I only painted two or so units of terminators, for this really neat Crimson Fists project:

Good times. Those were done last year if I remember correctly. Very, very fun and rewarding army to work with. 

Funny things, those Space Marine terminators. Oh, an anecdote from my youth, if you allow. Before I’d gotten into 40k and saw the miniatures at a not-very-local model kit store for the first time I was a little confused about the name. Space Marine Terminators clearly being guys who terminate Space Marines but they looked like regular Space Marines whereas Chaos Space Marines Terminators didn’t look like they were terminating Chaos Space Marines at all, rather the opposite! A-ha-ha, the innocence of a juves.

With their terminators GW of course again hit that amazing point in design they also hit with Space Marines. There is a timeless appeal to them. Terminators always have and always will be cool.