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Hi Everyone, I’m Jiunn also known as FruitBear all the way from Australia. Thanks to Stahly and the rest of the TOP team I’ve been given an opportunity to guest post and share my models with everyone. This is something that I’m really happy and grateful for as I’ve been reading Tales of Painters for a long time and I really admire the painters here.

It was quite coincidental how I got into the hobby as I use to walk past Games Workshop Perth a lot not knowing what it was but curious at the same time. Eventually a friend that I met in my first year of uni took me to GW Perth to introduce me to the hobby as he was trying to get back into it as well. Fast forward to 2015 here I am still painting and still enjoying the hobby. I’m more at the painting end of the spectrum rather than the gaming side but hopefully in the future I can gain some middle ground.

Although I’m a painter I also paint with the intention of collecting an Army which leads me to the Orks in this post. I’ve always liked the comical side of orks and saw them as a chance to let loose in my painting and not be as neat as I am with space marines. I’ve always liked the background and colour scheme of the Bad Moons so I decided to start painting the ork warbikers in yellow and black then the nobs.

As you can see with the warbikers there are two different tones of colour. I painted the one on the right followed by the one on the left with the guidance of a master class white dwarf article using the old GW colours. But the ork nob in the middle and the other 5 nobs are painted with the new GW paints and technical paints.

These 5 ork nobs were the next and were a real treat to paint. Since they are Bad Moons nobs I really wanted to give them a little bling and show some individualism for a clan that is notorious for showing off their wealth. I painted each one with a different spot colour but showing some cohesion as a unit with the yellow flames painted on their backs.

This nob’s blue spot colour was really the tester to see if my idea would work.

Once the momentum started this nob was the next with its orange spot colour. This colour scheme was the one I had the most doubts about but in the end, it came out brilliant. I really love its pose, as if it’s saying, “Come and get a piece of this!”

I really enjoyed painting this nob and thought the purple complimented with the other colours. But when I went to assemble the model the joints were off (which frustrated me to no end) so I decided to put more armour plates where the arms meets the main body to cover the dodgy joints. The end result was worth it.

I really enjoyed painting this one as it was my first time painting a squig. So naturally the spot colour was red.

I saw this nob as somewhat of a leader in the unit since he has a power claw. One thing about this nob and the warbiker nob is they have the same armored head which is deliberate. They also have the same spot maroonish red colour to distinguish them as unit leaders.

That’s all for now everyone. I’m painting 10 ork shoota boys at the moment. I’ll be hoping to share these soon.