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This part of the showcase covers all the aspect warriors in the army. In most cases there is a gentle nod to the blue or yellow of the main Iyanden force where it made sense to do so. So just a quick refresh of the total shot then onto the Aspects.

Dire Avengers:

The core of most Eldar forces has always been Dire Avengers. Usually in Wave Serpents for objective capturing. They originally were chosen over Guardians due to the extra Bladestorm shot and the crucial BS4 stat line. Now though, Guardians with Shuriken weapons are lethal up close, and Avengers can get buffed to BS5. Still a first draft pick though for me.

Fire Dragons and Fuegan:

Dragons have always been the go to anti armour unit. Often seen in Falcon to get close, as only a unit of 6 was ever needed to kill a big horrible tank. To me they were akin to a chess move where you sacrifice a rook for a queen…as typically once a tank died, the Dragons were often next. Fuegan has lead my army a few times when I went without psykers. He is pretty damn hard!

Striking Scorpions and Karandras:

Karandras now has an initiative 8 Power Fist with a bucket of attacks. Thats one if not the most powerful melee weapon int he game now for an infantry model.

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Dark Reapers:

Often a key choice for facing anyone in Power Armour. I struggled to get the most out of mine as they come at a high points costs

Swooping Hawks:

Purchased mainly for completeness. However I understand in the new rules they are pretty handy to have around once again.

Shining Spears:

Back when I first started the army these guys were the Terminator killers. OK they lacked a high volume of attacks, but the lances were very good at terminator killing.

Warp Spiders:

I love the spiders. Ok I don’t like the models, but these guys have featured in nearly all my games with the Eldar. The high volume of S6 weapons really can make a mess of light armour or tough enemy models.

Howling Banshees:

Marmite unit again, although new rules makes them more chance to get drafted to a game. Most players struggled to get them into combat before, so were often never seen in games.


Very pretty, pain in the backside to paint models.

That concludes the Aspect Warrior element of the army. Hope you enjoyed that, feedback in comments below.

Part 3 to come soon 🙂