It has taken me a couple of months, but I have finally caved and bought the Age of Darkness box set. This article is about my first MkVI marine from that box, painted in the Alpha Legion colours. Want to see an unusual take on the Alpha Legion? Read on!

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A lot of Horus Heresy Alpha Legion is painted in a metallic style – layering contrast paint over a metallic like Leadbelcher gives this effect. As a perpetual contrarian, I actually don’t like it that much and wanted to do something different. Ever since painting my Chaos Space Marine Legionaries Kill Team I had been thinking about how to do better,and am super happy with the model below. 

There is a lot of airbrushing involved – both to help with the smooth transition and to make painting the army faster! After basecoating with Corax White, I sprayed the underside of the model Kantor Blue. I then Layered up using a mix of Stegadon Blue, Kantor Blue and Abbadon Black, before moving up too Kabalite green and Sybarite Green as the brightest colour. After that the only exciting part to paint was the plasma (painted White Scar and then washed with Tesseract Green), with the other bits of detail painted black or silver in a very simple fashion.

I borrowed a friends Space Wolves for the scenic photo below. I had intentionally based my marine using the same desert scheme as he had, using Agrellan Earth (an all time favourite technical paint!). In keeping with the sneaky Alpha Legion, I positioned him ambushing the space wolves from behind some pipes in a supply dump – I like to think of him as taking the first shot while his comrades are distracting the Space Wolves. Maybe they have thrown them a bone? Whistled really loudly?

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