Welcome back to my man cave. This is the fifth update in the series that spans 6 years. Join me after the jump for the latest tour around my hobby haven.

Firstly, lets address the Elephants in the room. I have a new iMac (been doing more 3D work and wanted something more powerful than my old 2010 iMac). The Transformer collection has grown with some huge pieces like Fortress Maximus, Devastator and Trypticon added and the Stormtrooper I use to have in here has been replaced for long term project Boba Fett. I’ve sewed all the soft goods myself and now 3D printing the armour. Anyway, onwards to the painting.

That’s where I left my wallet!

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The dedicated paint area seems to have shrunk as has the pile of boxes that was my ‘to do’ pile. 

Pride of place. Signed by hobby legends Jes Goodwin and Phil Kelly

My Army of the Imperium (and some sneaky Black Legion at the top)

Eagle-eyed viewers will notice my huge collection of Ultramarines missing from the cabinets. I only kept my Space Hulk Terminator Conversions and Thunderhawk. My recently painted Space Wolves have joined the ranks of the Army of the Imperium but I’ve stopped adding to these, instead I’ve chosen to concentrate on Primaris Ultramarines. 

My Tyranid Collection

Necrons, Stormcast Eternals, 2nd Edition minis and Black Legion

No plans to add to the Stormcast or Necrons. I would like to add some Deathguard to my Black Legion army though. 

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