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Hello everyone, Alejo back with another showcase! This time, I bring you an Astra Militarum Veterans squad set to assist the Ultramarines 6th Company Ochres! These savvy veterans are reinforcements ready to give their lives to defend and guard their stronger brethren, more details to follow!

The following veterans were built using the Forge World’s Cadian Infantry Squad with Respirators upgrades. The original idea was to build this squad to assist The 6th Company of Ultramarines “Ochres”. They are meant to stand out to other Cadian squads by adding certain components like purity seals, “Aces” on their shoulder pads as well as keeping their old company numbers. Finally, the bluish fatigues are meant to complement the blue armour by having a similar colour hue.

Making sure that some of the colours were connected to the 6th company was also essential to create that connection. The eagles were painted with Retributor Armour, but washed with Fuegan Orange to achieve that orange look that the Ultramarine pauldrons have. The respirator mask eyes were also painted orange to connect the colours.

The sergeant and his two veteran buddies were given some extra details, making sure that they looked hurt, and in some cases, bleeding. Being that this is a sergeant of the veterans, extra care was given on the details as well as how many purity seals the sergeant had.

The backpacks were painted carefully to ensure that the veterans look as if they’re used to rucking and walking with the weight. Finally, the purity seals were added to ensure that they have been blessed and are ready for the battles to come.

This was a fun project that went away from the usual green and khaki but it was also inspired by urban camo. As of right now, there is another veteran squad in the works and it will be another project that ensures that the Ochres have cannon fodder… I mean… Protection and reinforcements to assist them!

If you have any questions or constructive criticism, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!

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