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I feel like 2018 was a return to miniature painting and the hobby for me. I played lots of Shadespire, a game of Age of Sigmar and started new Dark Angel and Death Guard collections. After the jump, I make “promises” for 2019 and recap 2018.

2019 Hobby Resolutions

It’s so hard to predict what you want to paint a year in advance especially when you don’t know what Games Workshop is actually going to release. One thing I do know is I’m really enjoying my subscription to Warhammer 40,000 Conquest and I want to continue with that. In total there will be 80 issues and the next delivery will see us go past the first quarter with issues 19 – 22. I guess that’s my resolution, to keep going with Conquest. I’ll add some small goals too.

• Play a game of 40k

• Play a game of Age of Sigmar

• Visit Warhammer World

• Get some models featured in White Dwarf

2018 Resolution Recap

This time last year I said “For 2018 i think I’m going to keep it small again. Small squads and individual models. I’d like to paint more Primaris Ultramarines and more of my Primal Kings Stormcast.” I only painted two Ultramarines, but I did paint a whole load of Dark Angel Primaris marines so that’s cool. I also painted a few Stormcast, my Primal Kings Stormcast force is a playable army now at around 1750pts. I’ve also played a game with it which is so unlike me.

2018 Hobby Highlights

I would say my number one favourite thing is the journey I’ve been on with my Garfy’s Get a Grip painting handle. It’s proved incredibly popular and I’ve received such positive feedback. I’m really happy with it. Actual hobby highlights have been a bit thin on the ground to be honest. I’ve not engaged with White Dwarf and sent them anything for a couple of years now. Not been to Warhammer World for a couple of years either. I would probably say the magazine Conquest is a highlight for me. It’s rebooted my hobby and given me the thrill I had painting when I first started. I also work well with deadlines so it’s great painting that month’s models before the next ones arrive.

Right onto the all important collection of models painted in 2018. Enjoy.

Thanks to everyone who has popped by to read my ramblings this year. I want to continue being active on the blog again in 2018. One more quick thank you to anyone who has supported me by buying a Garfy’s Get a Grip, or liking a post or leaving a comment. I love you guys.

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