These models have been finished for a week or so, but I haven’t got around taking some pictures. But here they are: The Scurvy Scurriers, a Skaven team for Blitz Bowl. Blitz Bowl is the board game version of Blood Bowl, it has a dungeon theme and thankfully you only need to paint six models for a team. I had five Skaven already painted, so I just needed to paint a sixth model and some markers, and there you go. More pictures after the jump.

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I really love Skaven, they are my favourite Warhammer/Age of Sigmar faction. Long-time readers remember I painted a quite large Fantasy Skaven army years ago. But for this team I came up with a completely new and bolder paint scheme, inspired by White Dwarf’s Dan Harden’s orange Skaven army.

Apart from painting a sixth model, the Thrower, I also rebased the models to match the dungeon game board of Blitz Bowl. The transfers for the player positions are selfmade, I printed the positions as a black outline on white laser printer decal paper, applied them to the bases, then covered the edges of the transfers with black paint. The reason for using selfmade transfers rather than the ones that come with the models is more uniformity, I plan to paint a couple more teams for Blitz Bowl and I want them all to have the same basing style.

For those wondering how I painted my Skaven, here is a detailed step-by-step tutorial.

How do you like my Blitz Bowl Skaven? Have you played Blitz Bowl yet? Or do you prefer original Blood Bowl? Tell me in the comments below and leave your reaction.