Hello heretics! I have painted up some more of my WordBearer themed legion. Eternal damnsalvation is bestowed upon those who follow me through this harmless little warpgate…

I think I am starting to get to grips with this paint scheme now. It didn’t take me *that* long to paint up the red armour. The key is to be as decisive as possible with your wet blends. When you think you have over exaggerated the jump from dark red to light red, it seems to work out better. Red dries a lot darker than when you first apply it (if you are painting it thin) so throwing caution to the wind and not teasing out flawless blends is really key here.

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I lay down a base layer of Evil Suns Scarlette mixed with black to get a strange mahogany red tone and quickly cover all the areas that are going to be red with that. Primed over grey, for a model this size it shouldn’t take you more than 5 mins. Then I just jump right into the wet blending right away. Pure Mephiston at the top, pure black at the model and a 50/50 mix in the middle. All aided with some medium, there really isn’t much to it. I can easily do all the red paneling in about 20 mins. I then run Mephiston red neat as an edge highlight, followed up by neat Evil Suns Scarlette.

In areas that are not red enough/not dark enough. I sometimes tidy it up with a very very thin glaze of either Mephiston of Black. I can’t emphasise enough how little time you should spend on your wet blends to produce a good effect. All the blends that look the best are always the ones I feel have “rushed”. Side note, look at this very derpy skull on the shoulder pad above, I absolutely love it, feels really old school!

Still not too sure what I am doing with the flame markings on the shoulders. I had some great suggestions for Legion names in the comments of my last post that will probably inspire more detail, but as of yet, I am still Chaos…undecided.

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Hope you enjoyed my latest offerings to the dark gods, as always thanks for reading and catch you next time!