In today’s post I share with you a complete photo tutorial guide to paint this Kurnothi Hunter from Skaeth’s Wildhunt. More after the jump!

This tutorial assumes you have a basic understanding of how to paint. For the beginners, I will explain the techniques as I go along. Each picture below shows four chronological steps. Underneath each picture are the corresponding instructions. Each step shows the paint I used during that step.

Paints you will need for this tutorial:

Wraithbone Contrast Undercoat

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Contrast Medium (Technical)

Cadian Fleshtone (layer)

Guilliman Flesh (contrast)

Ubshanti Bone (layer)

Zamesi Desert (layer)

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Skeleton Horde (contrast)

Loren Forest (layer)

Militarum Green (contrast)

Strakken Green (layer)

Waaagh Flesh (base)

Dark Angels Green (contrast)

Liberator Gold (layer)

Reikland Fleshshade Gloss (shade)

Plaguebearer Flesh (contrast)

Stormhost Silver (layer)

Snakebite Leather (contrast)

Doombull Brown (layer)

Gor Grunta Fur (contrast)

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Skrag Brown (layer)

Deathclaw Brown (layer)

Ungor Flesh (layer)

Teclis Blue (layer)

Temple Guard Blue (layer)

Corax White (base)

Black Templar (contrast)

1. Undercoat your model with Wraithbone undercoat spray

2. Mix Cadian Fleshtone with Contrast medium (1:1 ratio) on a paint palette and then paint it over all the skin areas. If it starts to pool in one area, wick it away with a spare brush.  

3. Mix Contrast Medium with Guilliman Flesh (1:1 ratio) and apply this to all the skin areas. You can switch out Gulliman Flesh and replace with either Darkoath Flesh or Fyreslayer Flesh for different skin tones. 

4. Mix 50:50 Ushabti Bone with Lahmian Medium to create a glaze and highlight the raised areas of the skin with the mix. Let dry and repeat to increase intensity.

5. Mix 50:50 Contrast Medium with Zamesi Desert and paint this over the hair.

6. Mix 50:50 Contrast Medium with Skeleton Horde and paint this over the hair.

7. Mix 50:50 Contrast Medium with Loren Forest and paint this over the leaf armour and the woven armour panels.

8. Paint Contrast Militarum Green over the leaf armour and the woven armour panels.

9. Highlight the leaf armour and woven armour panels with Straken Green.

10. Paint the hanging rear skirt and pouch with 50:50 Contrast Medium and Waaagh Flesh.

11. Paint the hanging rear skirt and pouch with 50:50 Contrast Medium and Dark Angels Green.

12. Repeat the previous step with more Dark Angels Green to darken the intensity.

13.  Paint the necklace, belly plate, horn, weapon shaft and the rings in the hair with Liberator Gold. A touch of Lahmian Medium can really help smooth out metallic paints.

14. Mix 50:50 Contrast Medium and Reikland Fleshshade Gloss and paint it all over the gold areas. The contrast medium helps pull the shade into all the crevices.

15. Repeat the previous step but this time use Plaguebearer Flesh over all the gold.

16. Paint thin highlight lines of Stormhost Silver on the gold.

17. Paint the hooves and the horns of the staff with Skeleton Horde.

18. Paint the leather parts (and those hanging reeds on the loin cloth) with Snakebite Leather. Also paint the edges of the horns and hooves with a thin layer of Snakebite Leather. Once dry, then paint another thin layer. Do this again and you should be getting a nice dark blend on the edges of the horns/hooves.

19. Mix 50:50 Contrast Medium and Doombull Brown and paint it all over the legs.

20. Paint Gore-Grunta Fur over the legs. Repeat this process to make it darker.

21. Highlight the legs with Skrag Brown.

22. Further the highlight the legs with Deathclaw Brown. Highlight the leather with Deathclaw Brown.

23. Edge highlight all the leather (and those hanging reeds on the loin cloth) with Ungor Flesh.

24. Paint the belly stone with Teclis Blue. Mix some Lahmian Medium with Teclis Blue to make a glaze and paint the edges of the gold belly plate. This will give the illusion of the stone glowing.

25. Pick out the raised areas of the stomach stone with Temple Guard Blue

26. Highlight the edges of the stomach stone with Corax White

27. Using a fine detail brush, apply some Black Templar to the tip of the brush and then twist the brush and pull towards you on your mixing palette until you get a fine controlled line. Then paint thin defining lines wherever two colours but up against each other. This is called Black Lining and gives definition to the model. Thinner the better. Also paint the eyes with Black Templar. 

28. Apply two dots to the eye leaving a black outline and a black dot in the middle. 

Check back soon for my tutorial on how I painted the base. 

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