On today’s ToP Tip I’m going to share 5 quick tips that I discovered while assembling my Start Collecting Soulblight Gravelords set.

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This fantastic set has a pretty good saving when compared to buying the units individually and the units have tonnes of options and spare parts.

I have high standards.

1. Spare Banners

With 20 Graveguard in the box that means there are a lot of spares. There are 4 identical banners which means you’ll have a couple spare. This Graveguard banner looks great on a Cursed City Ulfenkarn Spearman.

I’ve got a head for heights.

2. Different Standard Decorations

So many spare heads! A great use for the Graveguard heads is to make your banners look different by adding a different helmet adorned skull.

Four Horsemen of the Necropolis

3. Same Shields

The Graveguard comes with lots of different shields. 4 of each design. I thought it would be cool to give the same shield to 4 of the Black Knights to make them look more unified.

What’s your point?

4. De-spikifying

Ok, I may have just made up a word, but for my Graveguard I didn’t want them all to have winged elaborate helmets (only the unit’s command group get the fancy helmets), so to make the more basic helmets look different from each other I snipped off some of the spikes. Totally changes the aesthetic. It’s also less to paint!

Don’t fear the reaper.

5. Spare Torsos

The Black Knights set also builds Hexwraiths which are part of the Nighthaunt faction. So you end up with spare riders armed with spectral scythes. I took these spare torsos and added it to a pair of spare skeleton legs I had to make this cool conversion. Would make a pretty awesome Skeleton champion or maybe a Cairnwraith for a Nighthaunt army.

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