In this post, I’ll show you how to paint Vyrkos Bloodborne from Warhammer Quest Cursed City in 23 easy to follow steps. You’ll learn how I paint the ruins, the fur, blend the skin and more. Find out how in this tutorial.

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This tutorial assumes you have a good understanding of how to paint Warhammer miniatures. With each picture is the corresponding instruction. Each step shows the Citadel paint(s) I used. You’ll find a list of all the paints used in this tutorial at the end of the post.

How to paint Vyrkos Bloodborne

Undercoat the model with Wraithbone spray

Paint the ruins, sword, hair, mouth and armour with Chaos Black. Keep your paint nice and smooth and add a touch of water to it. Be careful not to get black on the body. If you do, touch it up with Corax White and then Wraithbone base paint on top of that.

Paint the ruins with Sons of Horus Green. This wil take a couple of coats. It’s ok to leave some black showing through the deepest recesses.

Wash the ruins with a heavy coat of Agrax Earthshade. If it pools in one place wick it away with a spare brush.

Highlight the ruins and hair with Dawnstone. Paint the last 50% of the hair ends completely with Dawnstone.

Edge highlight the ruins and hair with thin lines of Celestra Grey. A touch of water will help the paint flow from the bristles and make painting thin lines easier.

Wash the skin, fur and skull/candles on the base. with 50:50 mix of Skeleton Horde and Lahmian Medium

Paint Skeleton Horde straight from the pot just on the shins and feet.

Paint the metal chain, armour and sword with Leadbelcher.

Create a 50:50 mix of Basilcanum Grey and Lahmian Medium and wash the metals.

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Paint the tree stump with Steel Legion Drab.

Paint the leather strap around the body and under the arm with Doombull Brown

Shade the metals sparingly with Gor-Grunta Fur. And paint the feet and ankles with Gore-Grunta Fur. Once dry repeat to increase the intensity of the shading. Paint Gore-Grunta Fur into the recesses of the fur.  

Paint the feet with Wyldwood Contrast. Wash the tree stump and leather straps with Wyldwood. Shade the top of the fur sparingly with Wyldwood.

Edge highlight the leather strap with Skrag Brown

Paint the torso, arms, head, teeth and claws with Wraithbone. You can also pick out some fur highlights with Wraithbone. Highlight the skull and candles on the base.. 

Highlight the torso, arms and head with Pallid Wych Flesh.  

Paint a 50:50 mix of Carroburg Crimson and Lahmian Medium around the eyes and wash over the hair. 

Dot the eyes with Pallid Wych Flesh

Paint the armour trim, sword hilt and pommel with Liberator Gold. This will take a couple of coats. 

Wash the gold areas with Aggaros Dunes

Carefully shade recesses of the gold with Creed Camo Contrast. Use this sparingly. 

Edge highlight the metals and gold with Runefang Steel

To paint the base, the sand is painted with Dryad Bark, drybrushed with Steel Legion and then final drybrushed with Karak Stone.

Paints you will need for this tutorial:

Paints you’ll need for the base:

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Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If so, leave a comment or reaction below, and if you got any questions, leave them here so I can answer them for you.

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