At last, I’ve finished repainting the final five models to complete the rework of my classic Escher gang. Check out the complete collection, including every single model of the original 20 Escher sculpts.

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Scenic shot of Stahly's classic Escher gang

Here we have the complete collection, all twenty sculpts by miniature design legend Jes Goodwin himself. Over the last couple of years I also painted all the bulkheads for the cardboard buildings included in the original Necromunda starter set and Outlanders expansion. I think those classic buildings look great along modern Sector Mechanicus terrain, and I still prefer the classic Escher sculpts over the new plastic versions. Check out more pictures of my Necromunda terrain collection here.

Five classic Necromunda Escher Gangers with plasma gun
Back view of five classic Necromunda Escher Gangers with plasma gun

These were the final five models I needed to complete the rework of the gang. The Heavy with plasma gun is probably my favourite Escher sculpt ever. I originally painted these models around 2014, and since then, my skills have improved a lot. Apart from changing a few details such as adding more purple clothes and adding more variation to the skin tones, I also redid most of the highlights to be sharper and more precise.

I couldn’t help to make some more changes to a few models I already reworked a couple of months ago. I thought it would be a great idea to add white fur to the Ganger and Leader on the left, and I also added some tiger stripes to the Leader’s coat. To celebrate the completion of the gang I ordered a set of Phyrr Cats I want to paint in the same colours and pattern as the coat.

Here are the remaining fifteen models of the gang (in these pictures the Leader and Ganger have their original fur colours). Pretty happy to see this project completed, it was really a labour of love. The pink, purple and yellow paint scheme is still one of my most favourite paint schemes I ever came up with.

Hope you enjoyed following this project. Let me know which Escher models you prefer, maybe you even painted some? If so, post a link in the comments, leave a reaction below and let me know in the if you have any questions. And if you like my Necromunda models, why don’t you have a look at my Goliath Gang, too.