Today I share my completed Goliath Gang for Necromunda in my unique black and red paint scheme (instead of red and black ;). Check out pictures of all twelve models in this post.

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Necromunda Goliath Gangers

I started painting this gang over a year ago, but I had a hard time getting the paint scheme right. I knew from the start that I wanted to invert the classic box art paint scheme, so black armour and red trousers instead of vice versa, and I also wanted to practise painting darker and more varied skin tones. However, my original test model was far too dark so I shelved the model for a couple of months until Garfy helped me to get the paint scheme right.

The Goliath range is my favourite range of new Necromunda, even though normally I don’t care for brute force arche types. Maybe it’s because of their punk rock mentality. They also make a great contrast for my classic Escher collection. As the Escher models were quite ahead of their time, new Goliaths and classic Eschers don’t look out of place next to each other.

Necromunda Goliath Gangers and Juves

I even snuck in some classic models in this gang, two classic Bullies (or Juves as they were known back then). They were a lot of fun to paint. I tried to keep the gang loadout true to the original Necromunda, so I could play the gang with the classic ruleset with some “counts as”, well except for the Stimmer, of course. The female Forge-Born with Stormwelder could for example count as a regular Heavy with flame-thrower.

Having painted twelve models by now, I think I call this gang completed, at least for now. Maybe if Forge World would release a set of female Gangers like they did for Orlocks? In the Necromunda PC game, female Orlocks look super badass and Forge-Born Varkka could need some company…

You can find a complete list of all paint recipes used on these models in this post. I’m also working on a tutorial, it will take a couple of weeks or so, but make sure you check back on Tale of Painters often so you won’t miss it.

Hope you enjoyed watching this Necromunda Gang grow and if so, leave a comment or reaction below, and if you’ve got any questions, drop me a comment below.