On today’s post I take a look at the sprues and contents of the new Black Templar Army set. In the 4k video you’ll see high-resolution codex pages as we flick through the book together. I also try to answer the important questions like where are the Castellan rules, what about First-born Sword Brethren and more.

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Games Workshop kindly sent me this set to review. I received this set late Thursday so I only had a day to pull all this together to share something with you guys. I’ll be painting up this set and using it as a starting point for a new Black Templar army. I’ll be posting a painting tutorial soon. Check out my video below to hear my thoughts on this set.

The video is recorded in 4k and you can clearly see the details of the sprues, instructions and rules. In case you can’t watch the video right now (maybe you’re at work), I’ve taken some screenshots and shared those below. You want to watch the video though for the codex flick through.

Marshall sprue is pretty sweet with a couple of head and weapon options.
Small Emperor’s Champion sprue with no alternative build options.
You get two of this sprue allowing you too build a 10 man Crusader Squad.

Despite the low model count, the parts count is pretty huge. Loads of options to kit out your Crusaders with spare bitz to decorate your other Primaris models.

Do not talk to either us or our boys ever again.

The new Primaris Neophyte is such a great update on the old scouts. It’s very true to the original designs just proportioned correctly. I’m a big fan. Let hope a generic set is released without the tabards and moulded icon shoulder pads.

The new Black Templars scale well with the current Primaris range.

My conclusion and final thoughts to the Black Templar Army Set are in the video but to summarise.

New updated scale for Primaris Neophyte is cool. Firstborn Neophyte still available in Firstborn Crusader Squads. Weapon choice rules for Primaris Neophytes doesn’t seem to match the Primaris Initiates rules for flexibility. Pictures of the Eavy metal Crusader squad shows Neophyte weapons that don’t look like a legal load out (unless I’m reading it wrong).

Firstborn Sword Brethren have been removed and there is now only a Primaris Sword Brethren unit. This is at odds with the Crusader Squads which have Firstborn and Primaris options.

The newly announced Black Templar Castellan model (not released at the time of writing) is not in the codex, so unable to answer the question is he Primaris or Firstborn by looking at the keywords.

Codex is only an 80-page supplement. You will still need the Space Marine Codex, especially if you want to use the Redemptor Dreadnought included in this set. Bit odd to include a model and no rules to use it in this set. They should have included Sword Brethren instead of the Redemptor. It would have helped with model count and made it more Black Templar specific

The value of the set is questionable if based on model count, but buying it all separately when released will cost you more money. An impressive number of parts on the crusader sprues helps with the value as you can deck out your other marines with the spares. Ultimately, value is a personal thing and you’ll have to decide for yourself if it’s worth it. It’s not an easy decision like it was with Indomitus set though.

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