The Burning Chariot of Tzeentch model floats onto the blog today. If you like subassemblies then this is the model for you. This post also includes all the paint recipes you’ll need for this confusing pyromaniac.

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So much detail of this model is overlapping and covering other areas that I couldn’t really get my head round it. I was painting sub-assemblies before I’d even clipped all the parts off the sprue, just to get started. I thought starting with e base and building up from there would make the most sense.

The Burning Chariot is one of those kits that is incredible value (comparatively) and is extremely versatile. You can build a Change Caster on foot, if you build a Burning Chariot, or you can build an Exalted Flamer on foot if you build a Fateskimmer, Herald of Tzeentch on Burning Chariot. You can also build the Screamers and Blue Horrors as separate models to bolster your troops ranks meaning you can build a Fluxmaster, Herald of Tzeentch on Disc. It’s so adaptive with so many options it’s hard to know what to build.

I knew I wanted to use my kit for Warcry, but the burning Chariot isn’t an option for Warcry. So I decided to buy a spare Disc of Tzeentch on eBay and make a Fluxmaster which is an excellent choice for Warcry. I then thought I’d use the Exalted Flamer on foot. This gives me two powerful fast shooting units for my warband.

This would leave a lot of waste though. I could use the Screamers and Blue Horrors separately and add those to my Warband but I’ve already painted enough of those. The Chariot is a pretty cool model, and rule of cool applies to my hobby so I decided to paint the whole thing and magnetise the Exalted Flamer so they can be added to their own base or the chariot.

To paint the model I used all the previous recipe cards I’d made and shared on here. I didn’t feel the the need to make a new one but I’ve reposted them in this article for convenience.

What’s super cool about finishing the Burning Chariot is that was the last model from the Start Collecting set that I needed to paint to complete the set. I’ve now painted all the Disciples of Tzeentch models I’ve bought apart from one… the Lord of Change! That the last model I want to paint for this force. Watch this space.

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