We’re knee-deep in the 2nd season of Warcry and today we review Warcry: Bloodhunt, the third of four Warcry campaign boxes set in the Realm of Beasts. This box introduces two new warbands, namely the vampiric Askurgan Trueblades and Khorne-worshipping Claws of Karanak, who duke it out over Gnarlwood fortifications. Let’s unbox and see what’s inside.

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Warcry Bloodhunt review and unboxing
This item was provided by Games Workshop. Thoughts and opinions are our own.

Warcry Bloodhunt, the third of four boxes set for the 2nd Edition/season of Warcry, will be available for preorder starting Saturday, February 11 2023, and goes on sale one week after. The box will be only available while stocks last, with separate releases of the components soon after.

Just like with Warcry Sundered Fate, which we unboxed here and was lovingly painted by Garfy here, there are two new warbands included, the Askurgan Trueblades and Claws of Karanak. There is also a thick cardboard gaming board with a set of Gnarlwood terrain, a 64 pages warband tome, and a deck of fighter, ability, and battleplan cards.

Warcry Bloodhunt all models built and assembled
Garfy’s assembled Bloodhunt set

Askurgan Trueblades review

The Askurgan Trueblades are Soulblight from the Realm of Ghur, an ascetic and monastery order of vampires that hunt the beasts of the realms to quench their thirst and consume their energies. In contrast to the classic Soulblight Gravelords models, these vampiric warrior monks surprise with Far Eastern design influences. It’s amazing what the design team can still get out of Mortal Realms.

Askurgan Trueblades from Warcry Bloodhunt assembled and reviewed
All eight models in the set

As all the other warbands, the Askurgan Trueblades come on two medium-size sprues. The kit builds eight models: The leader, the Askurgan Exemplar, comes on a 32mm base and has no build options, and neither has the Askurgan Pariah, the guy with the little bat on his shoulders. The Curseblood, a vampire that succumbed to the consumed bestial energies, comes on a 40mm base and has no build options as well. Next, you build two Askurgan Ascetics on 32mm bases, which can either have Howling Glaives or Charnel Maces, the only difference is the tip of the weapon, otherwise, these are monopose models as well. Last but not least, the kit has three Askurgan Acolytes on 28mm bases, which can be built with either Bonehilt Falchions or Throat-takers. Again, all that changes are the arms and parts of the torso. The neck connections are quite similar, so it should be easy to swap some of the heads around with a little bit of gap-filling.

Scale / size comparison of Askurgan Trueblades with various Soulblight Gravelords miniatures
A size comparison of the Askurgan Trueblades with various Soulblight Gravelords models from Garfy’s collection

Overall I think the aesthetics of the Trueblades are fantastic, it’s just a shame that the kit allows only a little variance. Since you definitely need a second box to fill 1000 points, you will have many duplicate models. A few alternative heads and arms like in other Warcry warbands would have been great.

Claws of Kharanak review

The Claws of Karanak are mortal followers of Khorne. However, they are not mere Bloodreavers, but worshippers of Kharanak, whose bestial appearance fits perfectly into the Realm of Beasts. Masks modeled on the Flesh Hounds of Khorne and muzzles are defining parts of their wargear.

Claws of Kharanak from Warcry Bloodhunt assembled and reviewed
The eight Claws of Kharanak

This warband also comes on two medium-size sprues, and the kit makes eight models. The Packlord comes on a 40mm base and has the choice between a masked or bare head. The Hound of Wrath, the warrior who runs on all fours, comes on a 60mm oval base and has no build options. Next come two Brutalisers on 32mm base, with a choice of meat hooks or a second Shredder Blade for their left arms. Each model also has the option for a masked or bare head. Finally, we have four Blood Whelps, all on 28mm bases. The models can either be armed with Barb-spears or Claw-flails, and each model has a choice of two heads, an uncovered or muzzled face.

Scale / size comparison of the Claws of Kharanak with various Khorne miniatures
The Claws of Kharanak and various Khorne miniatures from Garfy’s collection

Personally, I’m not a huge Khorne fan, but Garfy loves the models and thinks they fit very well in his large Slaves to Darkness collection. In any case, the Claws of Kharanak capture the bestial side of Khorne well and the details and faces are well rendered.

Gnarlwood terrain

In total, the box contains five sprues of terrain, the same amount as Sundered Fate, but one sprue less than the Heart of Ghur core box. Three of the sprues are repeated from the other sets – the two sprues with Gnarloaks, and the sprue with the scatter terrain and rope ladder bridges.

Comparison of Warcry Gnarloak terrain
From left to right: Gnarloak builds from Heart of Ghur, Sundered Fate, and Bloodhunt
Comparison of Warcry Gnarloak terrain
From left to right: Gnarloak builds from Heart of Ghur, Sundered Fate, and Bloodhunt

The two new sprues mainly contain bamboo palisades that can be combined with the trees. Assembling free-standing fortifications is only possible with some conversion skill, as the trees are needed as supports.

Palisades from Warcry Bloodhunt
Two smaller new palisade builds from Warcry Bloodhunt

Predator and Prey Warband Tome

As usual, the box also contains a 64-page softcover warband tome, as well as fighter, ability cards, and battleplan cards to match the terrain in the box.

Predator and Prey warband tome from Warcry Bloodhunt contents page

Predator and Prey contains the usual mix of narrative and lore about the two warbands, an ‘Eavy Metal gallery, and rules. The rules section covers both warbands and extended terrain rules and fortifications. The campaign section contains three quests for the Claws of Kharanak, three quests for the Askurgan Trueblades, and a campaign arc for the two warbands (The War of Blood and Butchery). There is also a universal campaign arc (Primal Strongholds), which theme is all about attacking and defending fortifications. The battleplan generator cards are also printed in the book.


Warcry Bloodhunt has the same price point as Sundered Fate, so £110 / 145 € / $185 for the same amount of stuff. That’s ok, and fortunately, the price increase coming soon in March has not yet been priced in.

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  • Two never seen before warbands
  • Askurgan Trueblades are really cool sculpts
  • Claws of Kharanak kit offers a decent amount of variability
  • New fortification with matching rules and campaign arc


  • Askurgan Trueblades models are lacking alternate builds
  • Getting the Gnarloak trees for a third time gets old

Final Verdict

Warcry shows what is creatively possible in the Mortal Realms. The two new warbands are once again super cool and original designs. The bamboo palisades are also nice, but the question is whether you really need them if you already have the other two boxes. For box four I would like to see more Seraphon ruins from the crashed temple ship that is mentioned in the lore, but fear we will get the same old Gnarloaks for the fourth time.