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It’s flyer Friday here on Tale of Painters! Read on to see my flyers including the completed Storm Talon.

Dog fighting! Those twin linked assault cannons are going to shred the Razorwing Jetfighter. The Storm Talon is quite a small bulky aircraft.

The Storm Talon compared to the Storm Raven, is the same as a Rhino is to a Land Raider. It’s considerably smaller.

I’ve kept the themes the same between the two fliers. Plenty of yellow and white to break up all the blue. I’ve kept the weathering down to a minimum on both of these models.

I love this front shot, the glowing lights, all the weaponry and the angular cock pit (not as square as the Storm raven). You could cut the front end off of this model and use it as a titan head easily.

The engines can rotate 90º and the nose turret has a full 360º movement. Which can create some dynamic posing. Underneath the engines are air brakes and you can glue them up or down.

The rear tail fin is massive and kinda unbalances the look of the model, but I really love the rear landing gear built into it. I choose to have the landing gear down so the craft can land.

I like the army badge theme of lightning bolts for my fliers. It ties my aircraft together.

I’ve scorched the thrusters and jet engines using Warplock Bronze, then Leadbelcher and some drybrushed Abaddon Black. I also drybrushed Abaddon Black around exhaust points.

The top view is quite good and one that Games Workshop hasn’t shown, which is a shame, because it looks awesome from this view, and it’s a view you’ll have of it on the battlefield.

This is the gunship landed. You can see how the rear landing gear works with the front turret mounted landing gear. It’s not as bad as the haterz on the interwebz have made out in my honest opinion.

Ready for take-off. This gun ship is capable of VTOL when the engines rotate 90º. It’s actually a well thought out model. I really like the model.

I had a lot of fun painting this stubby, bulky flyer. Have you painted a Storm Talon? Maybe you’ve painted some other fliers. Share the links to them in the comments below.

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