On today’s post I share the Darkoath Savagers I finished on the last day of December. These models are part of the Warcry Red Harvest Boxed Game and were the last models I needed to paint to complete that game. It always feels great to finish a boxed game. I also own a sizeable (over 2000pts) army of painted Slaves to Darkness, so these are great additions I’m happy to add.

I was hoping to get these models painted in a single week but sadly the Dark Gods were plotting against me and they actually took me 2 weeks instead. There are so many tiny details to paint that it really slowed me down as I tried to paint more accurately.

I used the above tutorial as a basis for these models but made a few alterations as follows:

Trousers: Zandri Dust base coat, Seraphim Sepia wash and Ubshanti Bone highlights.

Boots: Skraag Brown, Wyldwood, Skrag Brown

Grey cloth: Stormvermin fur base coat, Basilicanum grey wash, Dawnstone highlight 

Garfy's Get a Grip banner 760x100 px

Wraps: Steel legion base coat, Snakebite wash, Xv88 highlight, Baneblade edge highlight

Brass: Runelord Brass basecoat , Aggaros Dunes wash, Runefang Silver edge highlight

Red hair: Word bearers base coat, Gore grunta wash, Evil Sunz Scarlett.

Dark Black Skin: Catachan Flesh Basecoat, Wyldwood Wash, Bloodreaver Flesh

Brown Skin: Bloodreaver Flesh, thinned Darkoath Flesh wash, Knight-Questor Flesh highlight.  

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