Last month I started painting my Warcry Daemons of Nurgle Befouled Band and this post is a little update of the models I painted so far including some paint recipes.

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My planned 1000pt Nurgle Daemons Befouled Band

I started off by assembling the Warband. The Nurgling base was made from all the little extra Nurglings included in the Maggotkin of Nurgle Vanguard Boxed Set. Pretty useful 145pt model to add to my Warcry Warband. All the models pictured above are from the Maggottinkin of Nurgle Vanguard set apart from the Beast of Nurgle which I bought separately.

Strategically, I choose to paint the Nurglings first because I actually didn’t know how I wanted to to paint my Warband, so this was the perfect model to test out different skin tones.

Nurgle Daemon Skin

Open Sores/Wounds

Last week I shared some Maggotkin of Nurgle heroes including the paint recipes for the rust.

As you can see by my recent twitter post, I popped over to a local Independent model shop and picked up some Plague Drones. I think these will make great additions to my Daemons of Nurgle Befouled Band of warriors.

Garfy's Get a Grip - now available on ebay