This is crazy, a third completed regiment painted in a month! I haven’t been this prolific in years. Even though I’m cutting corners to speed through painting these, I still don’t want them to look bad. I’m taking my time and removing every mould line and there are a lot and they’re time consuming to remove. These horsemen have really prominent mould lines too, straight down the middle of the legs and the heads so they show up like mad if you don’t get rid of them.

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As well as taking care and attention on the mould lines, I also very carefully apply the thinned Skeleton Horde Contrast paint, I don’t want it pooling and leaving tide marks as I’m not particularly fond of that look. If it does pool, I’ll use a spare brush to wick it away before it dries. I think it’s working really well, you’d be hard pressed to think the unit below was painted with Contrast paints.

If you missed my last post, you might not know I shared a link to where you can download the digital files and print your own movement trays for the units included in the Tomb Kings of Khemri Army Core Set. Check out this link for your free movement tray files.

Going back to cutting corners to save time, I painted the shields with a sponge. I took a piece of fine sponge (the kind found in blister pack packaging) and wrapped it around a pen and secured it with a rubber band. Then just dabbed away at the edges. This step is easier if you keep the shields separate from the skeleton warrior and do this step before the gold step.

Thanks for checking out my first post on The Old World, I’m excited to share more over the next few weeks.

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