Hi Everyone, Tom here. This week I’m going to write about my Alpha Legion Chaos Space Marine Legionaries Kill Team.

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Alpha Legion Chaos Space Marine Legionaries Kill Team

The models are straight out of the box – the 6 I take in game the most are shown here, with the biggest guns / close combat weapons they can manage (nothing says sneaky quite like a two-handed Chainaxe!).

Alpha Legion Chaos Space Marine Legionary Butcher for Kill Team

The blood splatter effect is really easy to achieve – I dipped a toothbrush (not the one you use daily) into some Blood For the Blood God, and then flicked the bristles so little bits sprayed randomly onto the model. 

Alpha Legion Chaos Space Marine Legionary Balefire Acolyte for Kill Team

Another standout model was the Balefire Acolyte. I wanted them to have a distinctive, unnatural looking warpfire. This ruled out reds and yellows, and not wanting it to match the armour ruled out blues. I ended up using a bright purple and pink, and then stuck with a black background to make it pop when photographing the model by itself. 

Cinematic shot of Alpha Legion fighting Death Korps of Krieg in a game of Kill Team

To photograph groups of models scenicly, it’s often good to think about the story you are telling. For the header image I wanted the Alpha Legion to be ambushing the Veteran Guardsmen, and so I positioned them coming out of doors and side alleys. They are all positioned to look like they are attacking the Kreig as they try to open a drop pod, whereas some of the Kreig are busy facing the wrong way!

Cinematic shot of Alpha Legion fighting surrouned by Plaguebearers of Nurgle

Last but not least is this photo of the Balefire Acolyte. I used purple and blue backlighting to suggest something unnatural is going on, and the lower depth of field to draw attention to the main man himself. You’ll notice the photo is slightly diagonal and that the viewer is on the same level as the demons and Chaos Space Marine. These are done to make it seem like you are part of the scene, slightly askew as you try to escape the oncoming horde. 

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