Today I show you all the terrain elements of the Gallowdark that I painted, the Space Hulk setting from Kill Team: Into the Dark. Lean more about my thoughts about how I came up with the paint scheme, and there is also a painting tutorial.

Kill Team: Into the Dark Gallowdark Space Hulk terrain elements photographed on the gaming board

In my Kill Team: Into the Dark review, I criticised the colours of the gaming board. It really wasn’t easy to find something that went well with the muddy brown tones of the board and still provided the necessary contrast without being too overbearing. In the end, I chose a greyish bone tone similar to Rakarth Flesh that I weathered with lots of Vallejo Burnt Sienna pigments, whereas I painted the upper connecting beams and column ends in a similar brown to the board. Just as if the walls were extending from the floor.

Gallowdark Space Hulk painting tutorial

You can find the complete painting tutorial in this post:

And here you can see another view of the elements I painted:

Kill Team: Into the Dark Gallowdark Space Hulk terrain elements photographed on the gaming board

Kill Team: Into the Dark really does contain a lot of terrain, and the picture above shows only about 20% of all the stuff you get in the box. For the exact dimensions of each wall element and a comparison with other Warhammer 40k terrain pieces, check out part 1 of my Kill Team: Into the Dark review.

I’m looking forward to using the terrain as a background for cool miniature photos. As soon as I find the time, I’ll paint the rest of it so that I can soon play a game of Kill Team in the narrow corridors of the Gallowdark.

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I hope this post has inspired you to paint more terrain for your games. Feel free to leave a comment or reaction, start a discussion on our Discord server and see you soon!


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