Games Workshop recently released the Hedonites of Slaanesh Battletome for Age of Sigmar and a single Hero model, and what a hero he is, cue Bonnie Tyler “I need a hero”. In this post we’ll explore who is the Lord of Hubris is and what he can do on the battlefield, at the end of the article I’ll share my painting recipe card for the Lord of Hubris.

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Daemonettes swoon at the swagger of the Lord of Hubris

This item was kindly provided by Games Workshop. Thoughts and opinions are our own.

No one is more magnificent than the Lord of Hubris and he knows it. This narcissist is enamoured with their own skill and martial prowess. Strutting on to the battlefield they taunt and tease their foes believing no one is worthy of his blade or attention.

The Lord of Hubris moves 6″, has 5 wounds, is only 7 bravery and has a 5+ save. His ability ‘You first, I insist’ gives him a 4+ ward save and weirdly it gives an enemy unit within 1″ the Strike First ability the only catch is the whole unit has to target him. WAIT… what? Where is the benefit in that? I guess it denies an enemy the chance to fight a unit the Lord of Hubris is with, but he’s surely dead meat? I guess you have to be careful with positioning him. Place him in a friendly unit surrounded by troops so only a few enemy are within 1″. Then the unit he is with can hack at the enemy know ing they won’t be hit back… ok actually that is amazing.

His other ability is a buff called ‘Only the best will suffice’ and you can pick 1 friendly unit of Myrmidesh Painbringers or Symbaresh Twinsouls within 12″ and each time a model in that unit dies before fighting they can actually attack back before being removed.

He’s armed with a ‘Exquisite Scimitar which is pretty nice at 1″ range, 5 attacks, hits on 3+, wounds on 3+, -1 rend to enemy saves and does 2 damage. That pretty nice. He’s 135pts, I’m not sure if he’s worth that as he doesn’t dish out any mortal wounds. Both the Lord of Hubris and the Lord of Pain make Myrmidesh Painbringers and Symbaresh Twinsouls Battleline troops.

I think the Lord of Pain is a better option. Same weapon stats but with a better 2″ range. Same profile stats but with a better +4 save. He also has the ability to cause mortal wounds when he makes his 4+ ward save. Hmmm, maybe take both the Lord of Hubris and Lord of Pain.

Here’s how I painted my Lord of Hubris.

Above is my recipe card for the Lord of Hubris. It’s pretty straight forward. Where you see + it means to mix the two paints listed, as for the ratio it’s really down to personal preference. For instance if you want to glaze multiple layers slowly you’ll want a to mix in more Contrast Medium to make it thinner and more translucent. If you want to do it in a single coat you’ll use less Contrast Medium (if any at all).

Very nice model to paint, I really enjoyed painting him and adding him to my Hedonites of Slaanesh collection which is growing nicely now.

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