As the Chaos Space Marine Legionaries from Kill Team: Nachmund will be released separately this week, I thought this would be the perfect occasion to get going with my Alpha Legion Kill Team. Here comes the first test model, a Legionary gunner, armed with a plasma gun, and painted with a metallic green-blue paint scheme inspired by their Heresy era appearance.

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Cinematic shot of an Alpha Legion Chaos Space Marine Legionary with plasma gun

The model was mainly painted with The Army Painter’s Warpaints, as I wanted to submit the model to their Chaos-themed Colours of War campaign.

I tried several approaches for the metallic armour, but in the end I settled for Azure Magic from the Coloured Metallics set I reviewed here. I basecoated the whole model with Shining Silver from the Warpaints Air range, then filled in the armour panels with Azure Magic, added an all-over wash of Dark Tone Wash and Blue Tone Wash thinned with Speedpaint Medium, and picked out the edges of the armour with a gently drybrush of Shining Silver.

You can find a tutorial of the complete process over on my Patreon, along with a few other exclusive tutorials, and if there is enough interest, I’ll post the tutorial here on Tale of Painters as well 🙂

The plasma glow was painted as explained in my “reverse” plasma glow tutorial, I just changed the colours from turquoise to orange, starting with white and mixing in more and more Warpaints Lava Orange. Check out the original tutorial here:

With the Chaos Legionary gunner complete, only five more models to go. Here is the rest of the Kill Team:

Alpha Legion Kill Team assembled

For the models, I used a mix of the Start Collecting Chaos Space Marines I got with the first premium kit of my Warhammer 40.000: Imperium subscription, plus some bitz from the Chaos Chosen and Kill Team upgrade sprue, and I also converted the Chaos Sorcerer into a Balefire Acolyte.

Even though the operatives are all assembled, I might take a break for now, and dedicate myself to some more Heresy goodness, as I just finished painting a Kratos tank for the #WarhammerPaintathon, so stay tuned for that 🙂

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