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Showcase: Necron Overlord

Awakening from a millennia long slumber today and conquering the blog is the Necron Overlord from Issue 8 of the Imperium magazine.

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Showcase: Warcry Varanite Delve

Welcome weary traveller, your journey across the Bloodwind Spoil must have been treacherous and fraught with danger. You’ll find no respite here at them there mines, for this is a deadly Varanite Delve where even the Daemon bound cursed machinery can end your mortal life. Check out my finished Warcry Red Harvest Terrain and I’ll share the paint recipes too.

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Showcase: Black Templars’ Emperor’s Champion

In today’s post I wanted to share my recently finished Emperor’s Champion that Games Workshop kindly sent me. I had fun taking this picture. I wanted him standing in a doorway as an homage to He man and the Masters of the Universe. It’s just the way he’s holding his sword, I can imagine him calling down the power of Grayskull… or maybe he’d say servoskull.

Warcry: Red Harvest box unboxed
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Review: Warcry: Red Harvest (Unboxing & Models)

Only one week after the unveiling on Warhammer Day now follows the pre-order of Red Harvest, the new Warcry starter box with two brand new warbands, brand new terrain, and a new campaign book that includes the core rules as well. Games Workshop has kindly sent over this set for us to unbox so we can share our first impressions and show you the exact contents and sprues.

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Showcase: Necron Skorpekh Destroyers

My Necron army is growing with a second unit of Skorpekh Destroyers in today’s post. These newly painted ones arrived with issue 4 of Imperium Part Works Magazine. Originally I wasn’t going to paint them because: 1, I already have painted them and 2, I have so many other things to paint. In the end though, I thought let’s do it, why not. More scary tripod robots is a good thing.