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Showcase: Leagues of Votann Einhyr Hearthguard

No, these aren’t Chibi Space Marine Terminators, they’re Einhyr Hearthguard in Exo-armour. Despite their size, there are a lot of parallels though including deep striking and a 2+ save. In today’s post, I share my thoughts on their design as well as detailed high-quality photography of my squad I painted.

40k, Showcase

Showcase: Leagues of Votann Cthonian Beserks

Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to work I go! These augmented space miners are off to deal with a wicked Wych or two before heading to the nearest asteroid to mine it for precious materials. You can check out the close up of my painted squad here, unless you’re too busy sleeping in forest waiting for a Daemon Prince to wake you.

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Showcase: Goff Rocker (incl. painting guide)

Welcome to the stage, the Goff Rocker! Today’s post is going to rock your socks off, with a behind-the-scenes look at how I put together this banging rock concert shot, some cool close-ups of our head-banging hero, and full paint recipes for this double denim dude.