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Finished Ultramarine Scouts Showcase

Some high quality pictures of my just finished Scout squad. I’m quite pleased with them. The converted heads, drawn from various Space Marine sprues as well as from the Baneblade sprue, improve the models vastly in my opinion. I think I also did a good…


Shotgun Scouts finally done

The second batch of the Scout squad is finally done. My motivation was a bit low to the end, but I’m quite pleased with the result nevertheless. I’m going to varnish the whole squad tomorrow, a showcase with high quality pictures will probably follow on…


Scouts… almost there

I’m almost finished, just missing some final details and touch ups, as well as freehanding the chapter symbol. I’m looking forward to finish them tomorrow and to start something new this weekend. The second batch of the Scouts was a long haul.


Tutorial: How to paint Blood Angels

Cheers, this is an Blood Angels step by step tutorial that focuses on easy techniques like washing, drybrushing and layering to create a great gaming model in a reasonable amount of time. 1. Prime the model with Army Painter Pure Red spray. Hit areas not…


Scout Faces

Did the faces of the Scouts. The shaved head of the right one sucks, I might have to repaint it.


Farseer Conversion Ideas

Here is a quick and dirty mockup of what I plan to do with my Farseers. I’ve got two because originally I was going for an Ulthwé army. The Farseer models are ace except for the unintentionally asymmetric helmets. However their armament is not exactly…


Little Progress on the Scouts

I’m quite busy at the moment so just a little progress on the second batch of my Scouts. I’m going to do a tutorial for painting faces with them.


New Hobby Purchases

I bought a squad of Close Combat Terminators in anticipation of the upcoming price rise. Every Space Marine collection needs some Terminators and I heard that CC Termis are the hotness. I feel that regular Terminators would fit the Ultramarine flavour better, but I had…


Skeleton Warrior and SM Scouts

I painted a Vampire Counts Skeleton Warrior for fun. I took pictures at various stages and will make a tutorial out of it, which I will publish in the next weeks. Otherwise, not much progress on the Scouts, just did the bases. Real life is…