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Showcase: Nighthaunt Headman’s Curse Bearer of the Block (inc. painting guide)

Cinematic shot of the Bearer of the Block of the Headman's Curse warband

Enter the grim and haunting Headman’s Curse, the new Nighthaunt warband for the Wyrdhollow season of Warhammer Underworlds. Amongst the cursed executioners of Nagash stands the Bearer of the Block, a sinister henchman of the Bearer of the Blade. This is the first model I painted of the Headman’s Curse, and in this post I’ll provide you with a complete painting guide for recreating my Nighthaunt scheme.e

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Showcase: Flesh-eater Courts Jerrion’s Delegation (inc. paint recipes)

Jerrion sallies forth from the citadel with a contingent of virtuous knights and devoted serfs to bring his King’s message to all the lands. The new Dawnbringer box sets hit store shelves this weekend and I was lucky enough to get them early. Having recently painted the Royal Beastflayers, I thought I’d continue on my quest to amass a Flesh-eater Courts army worthy of marching under their Lord’s royal banner and chose to paint up the entire Jerrion’s Delegation boxed set.

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Showcase: Blood Angels Ballistus Dreadnought and Terminator (inc. painting guide)

Clad in impregnable armour and armed with devastating heavy weaponry the Blood Angels stain the sands of Baal with the foul stench of Xenos Ichor and stride onto the blog in a blaze of nostalgic glory. In this post, I’ll talk about early Blood Angel colour schemes, how to paint them with modern Citadel paints and also share a recent special gift I received from Eavy Metal themselves.

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Showcase: Warhammer Underworlds Starter Set (inc. paint recipes)

Underworlds finally joins Warcry and delves deep into the Gnarlwood in the Realm of Ghur. Warbands venture under the trees and into the cavernous root halls to find spilled treasures from the fallen voidship the Eye of Chotec. In today’s post I share stunning cinematic photography of Domitian’s Stormcoven and Ephilim’s Pandaemonium. Want to know how I painted these models? Well I also have full paint recipe cards for you to bookmark or download to keep for free.

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Showcase: Warcry Stormcast Questor Soulsworn (inc. painting guide)

Unable to dispatch his armies into the thick undergrowth of the Gnarlwood, Sigmar created the Questor Soulsworn. Elite groups of powerful armour clad warriors armed with powerful and devastating weaponry such as Grandhammers. Led by a Questor Prime, the group is also joined by a Knight Relictor. Check out this post to see my painted Questor Soulsworn Warcry Warband, with some insights into how they play and a painting guide recipe card.

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