Welcome to today’s showcase post where I’ll share my finished Warcry Chaos Legionnaires chat about their rules and share my recipes in a painting guide.

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Full narrated video if you prefer this format to reading blogs posts. Includes the Chaos Legionnaire Rules Cards in the vid.

This 8 man Warband represents some of Be’lakors mortal troops in the Age of Sigmar setting. The warband consists of the Leader named a Decuriarch, a berserker called Mutandor with Beast Spear, 3 bulwarks called Hornshields and 3 brutes called Hornhelms.

Whilst the Warband is small due to it’s increased points costs, each model is tough and robust with better wounds and toughness than your average fighter. The Decuriach and Hornshields are toughness 5 whilst the rest of the warband is still a mighty toughness 4.

Not a particularly fast warband with everyone moving 4″, however the Mutandor does get a bump up to 5″ and his [Triple] ability really helps out giving the warband some speed, more on that in a bit. The Chaos Legionnaires new Reaction rule, will help a little with the slow movement. When an enemy finishes an action within 3″ of one of your fighters, you can choose another one of your fighters within 3″ of your first fighter to get a free move action. This bonus move means that you’ll be able to get your fighters into combat and have 2 actions for attacks. It does mean you’ll have to group your fighters together and keep them close.

Each fighter has 3 attacks per action with the exception being the Decuriarch and the Hornshield with sword. And the minimum strength of the attacks in the warband being 4, but models armed with Axes or a beast spear are an impressive strength 5.

The Chaos Legionnaires Abilities are brutal and all about dishing out more damage or attacks. [Double] Shield Ram allows your Decuriach and Hornshields to inflict damage just by finishing a move next to an enemy. This could be coupled with that reaction mentioned earlier. [Double] Dark Pact is your leader’s 12″ ranged attack, using the value of the ability you roll a number of dice, each 3+ inflicts 1 damage on an enemy. However your leader takes D3 damage as well. [Double] Brutal Swing gives your brutes more damage points for their attacks, half the value of the Double, so a double 6, would add +3 damage to a Hornhelm with Steelbite Axe making him damage 5/9. Amazing for a 125pt fighter using just a double. [Triple] Headlong charge is for the Mutandor who is within 2″ and gets a bonus attack if they already made 2 move actions. This means you can move 10″ and still attack. The Decuriach also gets a [Triple] called The True Master’s Favour. If your fighter has taken down an enemy this activation until the end of the battle you get to add 1 to all the attacks of your fighters within 9″ of your leader.

Finally we get to the [Quad] Wrath of the First Prince which gives you a bonus attack action. It also takes the value of the [Quad and halves the number, this number is how many hits become criticals. So a [Quad] of 6s, will mean 3 of your hits will be criticals. That’s potentially huge amounts of damage from a single attack.

To finish off with, here is my Chaos Legionnaires’ painting guide. it’s all pretty simple. The hardest art though is painting all the studs on the Brigandine (padded tunic).

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