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Tutorial: How to speedpaint Necron Szarekhan Dynasty armour

Tutorial: How to paint Necrons Szarekhan armour - featured image

In this tutorial I’m going to explain how to get the Ork shanty town terrain from Kill Team: Octarius ready in no time, while matching the colour palette of the Octarius gaming boards. This technique works very well for all sorts of terrain and also Ork vehicles, so make sure to check it out.

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Tutorial: 2 (+2) quick and easy ways to paint Ork/Orruk flesh

How to paint light and dark Ork skin

In this post I’ll teach you two quick and straight-forward techniques for painting Ork (or Orruk) flesh: One is based on the new Orruk Flesh base paint, while the other uses a combination of Contrast and traditional painting to create a great result without spending hours on blending or shading. I’ll also add links to two more Ork tutorials for even more ideas to paint your new Beast Snaggaz, Kommandos, or Kruleboyz.

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