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Showcase: “Cherry Tree” Awakened Wyldwoods

Awakened Wyldwood scenic shot

I’ve painted an Awakened Wyldwood from the Warcry Souldrain Forest set in a pink “cherry tree” paint scheme. Now I know why Games Workshop dubbed this kit as soul draining, because these trees are probably the least enjoyable models I’ve assembled and painted in a long time. Or, like ever. Anyways, check out the pictures of the finished set.

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Review: Warcry: Tome of Champions 2020


Games Workshop has kindly sent me a copy of Tome of Champions 2020 to check out and share my thoughts with. If you want to test your warband by Pit Fighting, or campaign in Soroth Kor the Silent City or maybe you and a friend want to take on a Mega Gargant or a Greater Daemon of Tzeentch then you’re going to want this book! Read my review after the jump. 

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Showcase: Warcry Scions of the Flame warband

These zealots are the embodiment of the Realm of Fire. They truly believe they are made stronger by embracing Aqshian magic and hunting the beasts that Realm and performing rituals such as eating the hearts of Magmavores and Ash Salamanders. Those who are worthy become living flames and their weapons burning white hot and igniting in flame. Those who are unworthy are burnt to a cinder. Ultimately, all they want is to follow Archaon as he sets the Mortal Realms ablaze. More close up pictures of my newly finished warband after the jump.

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