To prepare for the Necron models in Warhammer 40.000: Imperium, I painted a Necron Warrior test model to come up with a new paint scheme. Here comes the result, and if this model inspires you to do a similar scheme, I included the paint recipes in this post.

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Cinematic shot of a Necron Warrior with Gauss Flayer

Long-time readers might remember I painted a Royal Warden right after Indomitus was released. However, I was never completely happy with my paint scheme, so after a lot of thoughts and scrapped ideas I came up with this scheme I’m now quite fond of.

Regarding the Necron models included in the Imperium collection, I want to start with painting a Kill Team worth of models first, and then maybe expand into a 500 pts Combat Patrol and see where it goes from there.

Paint Recipes:

Black primer

Basecoat sand: Mechanicus Standard Grey
Drybrush sand: TAP Spaceshuttle Grey
Basecoat rocks: TAP Ash Grey
Wash: Mix of TAP Dark Tone Wash / TAP Strong Tone Wash / TAP Quickshade Wash Medium 2:2:1
Drybrush rocks: TAP Ash Grey, VGC Stonewall Grey
Drybrush rocks: Corax White
Base trim: TAP Matt Black

Black metallic armour and copper skeleton
Basecoat skeleton: GSW Gladius Bronze
Wash skeleton: TAP Dark Skin Wash
Clean up the armour: TAP Matt Black
Drybrush whole model: VMeC Light Steel
Sponge weathering armour: VMeC Dark Steel
Edge highlight armour: VMeC Steel (only where needed)
Edge highlight copper skeleton: Canoptek Alloy (only where needed)

Bluegrey details
Basecoat: The Fang
2x Wash: TAP Dark Tone Wash / Lahmian Medium 1:1
Edge highlight: Russ Grey
Dot highlight: VGC Wolf Grey

Green cables
Basecoat: VGC Scurvy Green
Highlight: VGC Scurvy Green / VGC Jade Green 3:1
Highlight: VGC Jade Green

Green glow
Basecoat orbs and eyes: VMC White
Wash: Nihilakh Oxide (be generous and let it fill the eye and orb sockets)
Layer: VMC White mixed with Nihilakh Oxide (where needed to smooth the transition)
Layer: VMC White
Highlight edges for a glow effect: VGC Scurvy Green followed by VGC Jade Green

Silver cables
Basecoat: VMeC Steel
Wash: Gryph-Charger Grey

Basecoat: Canoptek Alloy
Highlight: VMeC Light Steel

Abbreviations: OOP = old Citadel paint range (out of production), VGC = Vallejo Game Color, VMC = Vallejo Model Color, VMechaC = Vallejo Mecha Color, P3 = Privateer Press Formula P3, TAP = The Army Painter Warpaints, RMS = Reaper Master Series, GSW = Greenstuff World, S75 = Scale 75 Scale Color

Hope you like my new Necron paint scheme, and you can even watch a 360° shot of this miniature on my Instagram:

I’d be glad about a few reactions, and drop me a comment if you got a question regarding my paint scheme. So long, and happy hobbying!


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