40k, Showcase

Showcase: World Eaters Spartan Assault Tank

Hey all, today I’m showing a recently completed World Eaters Spartan Assault Tank. The model is by Forge World and is quite large compared to a regular Landraider. The model is also very heavy, I would not want to drop this one as it would…

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Horus Heresy, Showcase

Showcase: Mechanicum Ursarax

Hey all, today I’m showing some models that Forge World released quite some time ago the Mechanicum Ursarax. I like these guys, I can really imagine them dropping out of the sky and ripping someone to pieces. They all have quite nasty hand weapons. They…

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WIP: Chaos Daemons Great Unclean One

Hey all, something today with a big grin being a Great Unclean One. I started painting this model way back over Christmas 2016 and it has for a year now sat at the end of my desk watching me. A few days ago I finally…

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