Now that we know the contents of “Island of Blood”, I took my Army Book and wrote a 2500 points around the models of the starter set and the great Skaven kits that were released last year. Now I’ve never played a game of Warhammer before so I’m thankful for any kind of comments and hints from fellow Skaven players regarding my list. But please note that this won’t be a die hard tournament list but rather a preferably balanced, fun list with models I like.

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Grey Seer (Skalm, Dispel Scroll) on Screaming Bell – 495 points

I think the Screaming Bell is one of the most iconic Skaven units and the new model is awesome, thus it will form the centrepiece of the army. Also the rules sound really funny.

Chieftain (Battle Standard Bearer, Halberd, Talisman of Preservation, Charmed Shield) – 122 points

I think the Battle Standard is very important for the leadership of the army so I gave the chieftain some magic items for protection. He will probably hang around at the back of a unit providing his 12″ reroll bubble and stay out of combat. I plan to convert him from the IoB chieftain.

Warlock Engineer (Warplock Pistol, Doom Rocket) – 53 points

Mainly there because there is a model in IoB and to throw his rocket. Might become a sorcerer in higher point games.

Plague Priest (Lv 2, Censer, Shadow Magnet Trinket) – 181 points

Goes with the Plaguemonks and adds some oumph as well as additional protection from shooting.

30 Stormvermin (full command, shields, Storm Banner), Warpfire Thrower -385 points

Great models, carry the obligatory Storm Banner. Their high initiative should come handy in 8th Edition combat rules.

40 Clanrats (full command, spears, shields), Warpfire Thrower – 290 points

Will push the Bell in a Horde formation. Should become painful with their spears and some of the Bell’s buffs.

30 Clanrats (full command, hand weapons, shields), Poison Wind Mortar – 220 points
20 Slaves (musician, hand weapons) – 46 points
17 Giant Rats, 3 Packmasters – 75 points
17 Giant Rats, 3 Packmasters – 75 points

Some more cheap units. I know other people field more Slaves, but I’d rather max out on Giant Rats as the models just paint up faster.

2 Rat Ogres (with Masterbred), Master Moulder with Shock Prod – 153 points

The models from the starter set are just so awesome. Would love to expand the unit if they come out with more plastic Rat Ogres in the style of the starter.

29 Plague Monks (full command, Banner of the Under Empire) – 253 points

Bodyguard for the Plague Priest. Not sure on this unit, as they are the only models not in the new style of sculptor Seb Perbet. On the other hand, I’ve got a neat colour scheme in mind. I heard there will be more new Skaven models later this year, maybe they get replaced by some new stuff.

Doomwheel – 150 points

Great iconic model, what else to say.


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