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Hi everyone, It is me Cat aka SpaceShrimp reporting in from the Precipice with some strange sightings of the local ne’er-do-wells. More after the Mag-lift.

When I first learned about Blackstone Fortress, I instantly knew it was a must have. The aesthetic of the box art totally captured my imagination. Also, WarhammerQuest in space?! A million times yes!

But let’s face it. It’s all about ‘dem sculpts. I love the pitch perfect reimagining of some old favourites – Rattlings, Kroot, Black Legion etc. And I totally dig the addition of some sweet, brand-new funky things – Nega-Volt cultists and Spindle Drones. I think they struck a really good balance here, and I am excited for every single model which is a pretty special feeling to have.

I thought I would start off by painting some of the evil denizens of the Fortress, so I could practise the basing technique and essentially warm up towards some heroes. The Renegade Guard models struck me as a good place to start, they are the most numerous in the box so I felt like breaking the back of the work load early on was a good approach. You get “2 sets” of guards which are identical sculpts, and here is the first set.

It is so cool how they are unmistakenly chaos-tainted but manage to totally retain their original identity as guardsmen.

I also appreciate how uncluttered they look. I feel some of the recent Death Guard models suffered a bit with being over saturated with features and while I totally appreciate that is their MO so to speak, I am more of an “organised chaos” kinda gal. Having said that, there is really a lot of detail packed onto these miniatures, but it all seems to fit and add to their narrative. Really looking forward to what other Renegade Guard models come out down the line.

For the next set, I think I will add some stripes to the helmets to help break up the repetition. I will also try and invert some of the colours for a bit of variety – black cloth in places with red armour pieces for e.t.c I also have some spare pox walkers that I might scavenge some parts of. I think some of the models could benefit from a weapon swap so as not to look samey. This spikey pipe and weird ratchet thing could be potential good replacements.

That’s it from me. Stay tuned for more news from the Precipice coming soon. Latest sighting rumours: Spindle Drones